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3 Simple Steps to Score 30 Marks in English for IBPS Clerk Prelims 2017

30 marks in English

IBPS English section of the Prelims is one of the sections where a candidate spends a lot of time in thinking due to his/ her lack of practice. A candidate who is appearing for IBPS Clerk 2017 should have a strategy before attempting the IBPS English section of 2017. 

What is the strategy to crack IBPS English Section of IBPS Clerk Prelims 2017?

Firstly, to plan your strategy, you should know the marks that is allotted to the IBPS English section.
30 marks in English

Secondly, you should know all the important topics that should be learnt for IBPS Clerk Prelims. 

30 marks in English

Thirdly, Plan your strategy. 

What is the time that you should allot for IBPS English Section? 

You should allot roughly 12 minutes for the IBPS English section so that you can give your time equally to the quantitative and reasoning section of IBPS Clerk Exam. 

How much time should you give for each question asked in IBPS English section? 

When you allot 30 seconds per question it takes 15 mins for you to crack IBPS English section of IBPS Clerk Prelims but when you allot 20 seconds per question then it will take 12 minutes for you to crack the IBPS Clerk English section, giving you atleast 20-20 minutes for the aptitude and reasoning section of IBPS Clerk Exam. 

3 Simple Steps to Score 30 Marks in English for IBPS Clerk Prelims 2017

30 marks in English

-Take a test: The very first step is to take tests and keep taking the tests at least twice a week to improve your speed and be aware of your preparation. 

-Take a test factoring your time: Just taking the test is not sufficient, you should take tests factoring your time to match the level of speed and time required in IBPS Clerk Prelims 2017.

-Analysis your performance: This is the last but the most important step. You need to analyze your performance. You should know where you are going wrong. If your score is below 3/ 5 then you need to work hard and practice the English section daily. 

Here is a question from the previous year IBPS Prelims to help you learn time factoring and analyzing skill.

Question: Identify the error in the given sentences given below. If there is no error, click option(E)

(A) Film viewers claim that
(B) the number of scenes depicting alcohol consumption 
(C) have increased dramatically over
(D) the last decade
(E) No Error

Do comment below the answer and number of seconds that you have taken to solve this question from the IBPS English section. 
30 marks in English
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