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7 Triangle Properties that you must know to crack SSC CGL

Here is all that you should know about Triangle Properties if you are appearing for SSC CGL or any Competitive exam.

Triangle Properties

Geometry is a branch of mathematics from which questions that are asked, are concerned with the shape, size, relative position of figures and etc. Geometry is not a branch where calculations play a key role, but the way you apply the theories and properties of a shape helps you to boost your speed in the SSC CGL exam.

In this post, you will learn all the triangles properties, that you should know while you are solving geometric questions related to triangle properties.

Triangle Properties 1: Parallel Lines

What are Parallel lines?

Parallel lines are lines which are parallel in nature to each other and distance between these lines remain constant all the time.

It is important to know the basics of geometry since the triangle is a geometry shape which is made up of lines. In order to learn all the triangle properties, you should know everything about the line, line segment, ray, angles, supplementary angles, complementary angles, angles on parallel lines etc.

Before moving further, learn in detail about parallel lines to best understand the basics of geometry and angles on parallel lines, which will help you understand all the triangle properties in less than 15 minutes. 

Triangle Properties

Triangle Properties 2: Different Types of Triangles

You can never get all the triangle properties up your sleeve if you don’t know anything about the different types of triangles.

Hence, before jumping into triangle properties, quickly brush through the different types of triangles and their special features.

Triangle Properties

Triangle Properties 3: Congruent and Similar Triangles

Every year, one question is definitely asked on triangle properties in SSC CGL exam, which is related to triangles and their congruency and similarity. There is a slight difference between congruent triangles and similar triangles. One often fails to understand the difference and gets confused between them.

To beat the odds, you need to indeed have a thorough knowledge about congruent and similar triangles.

Triangle Properties

Triangle Properties 4: Centers of a Triangle

There are 4 centres of a triangle. Each centre differs from the other. Their properties, their nature, the way they divide the angles, their place of position in different types of triangles, everything should be learned in detail so that you can easily solve geometric questions in SSC Exams.

The four centres of triangles are as follows.

Triangle Properties
Triangle Properties
Triangle Properties
Triangle Properties

Triangle Properties 5: Pythagoras Theorem

Questions based on right angled triangles and their properties are common in SSC Exams. The most important property related to a right angled triangle is the Pythagoras theorem. Most of the geometry questions in SSC CGL exams revolve around this theory. So having this theory on your finger tips will help you save a lot of time during SSC Exams.

Triangle Properties

Triangle Properties 6: Acute Triangle and Obtuse Triangle

The question can either be based on the properties of a right angled triangle or an acute and obtuse angled triangle.Though there is not too much of a difference between their properties, you must still know them to be quick while solving geometric questions during SSC Exams.

Triangle Properties

Triangle Properties 7: Theorems

The two most important yet simple theorems that can come handy are Basic Proportionality Theorem and the Mid-Point Theorem. It takes two minutes to learn them, so make sure that you don’t miss it. 

Triangle Properties

Hope this post on triangle properties helps you save a lot of time while you are solving geometric questions in SSC CGL exams.

Do write in the comment section below on how these triangle properties have helped you in your SSC Exams.

Stay tuned for our next post on Circles.

Triangle Properties
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