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5 Quadrilateral Properties You Need To Master For SSC Exams

It's difficult to remember all the types of quadrilaterals and quadrilateral properties in Geometry. Read on to learn the 5 quadrilateral properties you need to know to boost your score in SSC Exams. 

Quadrilateral Properties
Everything around us is in some shape or the other. The table that we use is in the shape of a rectangle, the ring that we wear is in the shape of a circle, the floor tiles are in the shape of a square, the kites that we fly are in the shape of a rhombus. These shapes have some quadrilateral properties and a majority of them are in common.

What is a Quadrilateral?

Any closed shape which is bounded by four lines and has four interior angles is called as a quadrilateral.

The sum of all the interior angles in a Quadrilateral is 360°.

There are different types of quadrilaterals and each quadrilateral differs from one another. In this post, you will learn different types of quadrilaterals and all the Quadrilateral properties that will help you crack SSC Exams.

Quadrilateral Properties of a Parallelogram:

If you are appearing for any SSC Exams, it is mandatory for you to know what is a parallelogram and what are its properties? 

A parallelogram is a base for all the quadrilateral questions. If you understand all the quadrilateral properties related to a parallelogram, then nothing stands in your way to solve questions asked on them.

Quadrilateral Properties

Quadrilateral Properties of a Rectangle:

A rectangle is no different than a parallelogram. All rectangles are parallelograms but all parallelograms are not rectangles. It’s important for you to know the difference between both of them so that you don’t make any mistakes while solving questions in SSC Exams.

Quadrilateral Properties

Quadrilateral Properties of a Rhombus:

The shape of the kite is a rhombus. It is a parallelogram which has 2 pairs of parallel lines but unlike parallelogram, all its sides are equal. Take a quick glance at rhombus properties and save time in SSC Exams.

Quadrilateral Properties

Quadrilateral Properties of a Square:

A square is a basic shape which has four sides and four angles. Everything in a square is equal. All the sides and all its angles. It is the easiest quadrilateral to remember. It will not take more than two minutes to learn properties of a square. 

Quadrilateral Properties

Quadrilateral Properties of a Trapezium:

A trapezium is a parallelogram where one pair of the lines is parallel to the other. There are a lot of controversies about Trapezium and its properties. There are two different schools of thought regarding Trapezium and its properties. One set of people say that a trapezium is a parallelogram with only one set of parallel sides whereas, the other say that trapezium is a quadrilateral which has at least one set of parallel lines. However, a candidate appearing for SSC Exams should know all the properties of a trapezium.

Quadrilateral Properties

Polygon and its Properties:

A quadrilateral is a part of a polygon. It is important to know all the different kinds of polygons when you are appearing for SSC Exams, since geometry is an important topic for SSC Exams.

Quadrilateral Properties

Hope this blog has helped you learn all the quadrilateral properties for different quadrilaterals. Do write in the comment section below on how these blogs have helped you
learn quadrilateral properties and also download free questions for practice.

Quadrilateral Properties
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