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5 Important Circle Formula to Crack Aptitude Section of SSC Exams

In this post, we will discuss all that you should know about circles for SSC Exams in detail to help you save time while using circle formula for QUESTIONS on Circles.

Circle Formula

When we were in kindergarten, our teachers used to teach us to draw a cat figure, by moving our pencils in clock wise direction. Back then, we didn’t know that the movement of a pencil in the clockwise direction is called a circle. 

What is a Circle?

A circle is a closed curve formed by a set of points that are the same distance from its centre.

You might be wondering, why are we discussing circles? It’s just a shape. The Circle is a vast concept in geometry. Various questions are asked on the concept of circles in many competitive exams such as SSC Exams and we are sure that you don’t wish to either lose your time or your marks.

In this post we have discussed, all the concepts and circle formula that you should know if you are an SSC Aspirant.

Basic Circle Formula

When it comes to SSC Exams, Circles play an important role. Solving circle questions using circle formula is time-taking but these questions can be easily be solved if one has a fair understanding of the concept.

It is important to know the elements of a circle if you have to learn circle formula to solve circle questions.

When you have a proper understanding of radius, diameter, sector, segment, chord it becomes easy for you to solve such questions.

Circle Formula

Circle formula for chord

Every SSC Exam has a few questions on circles and to solve them you need to know all the circle formula that are based on chords. Mostly you would be asked to find the length of the chord. Take a glance at the formulas on Circles to understand their derivation and their proper use. 

Circle Formula

Circle formula for Tangent

There are two types of tangents, one that touches the circumference of a circle at one point and the other which cuts the circumference of a circle at two points. Here is a list of A- Z tangent formulas that will help you solve questions using circle formula for calculating the distance and length of the tangents of a circle.

Circle Formula

Circle formula for Intersecting Circles

The circle is a basic concept and it forms a foundation topic for Geometry in SSC Exams. To score marks and save time in the exam, you need to learn all the circle formulas that are for intersecting circles. Intersecting circles is a simple topic and it just takes a couple of minutes to understand them. 

Learn all the circle formula for intersecting circles to make sure that you don’t miss out on any marks in SSC Exam. 

Circle Formula

Circle formula for Cyclic Quadrilateral

There are certain properties related to a quadrilateral when it is inscribed in a circle. These properties help us to find a certain angle of a sector or a segment of a circle. 

Here is a list of circle formula that will help you solve circle questions that are asked on a cyclic quadrilateral with ease. 

Circle Formula

Hope this post has helped you learn all the important formulas for Circles. It becomes easy to solve questions when one has a theoretical knowledge of the concepts. Of course, practice is necessary, without practice it will be difficult for you to increase your speed. 

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Circle Formula
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