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How to Prepare For IBPS English Exam 2017?

IBPS English

IBPS English section is the one of the most important and easily scoring section of IBPS Clerk Exam which can be cracked easily if one knows all the application of the grammar rules. Generally, IBPS candidates take IBPS English section for granted but they should know that a through practice is required to crack IBPS English of 2017. 

While preparing for IBPS English section of 2017, candidates are unsure of which topics to focus on. In this post, we will discuss topics on which you are supposed to focus on when preparing for IBPS English section of 2017.

The IBPS English section is divided into 4 categories: 

1. Comprehension: 
A comprehension passage in IBPS English section of 2017 will consist of approx 1000 words. An average candidate can read about 250 words per minute. That indicates that you are supposed to read the entire passage within 4 minutes. To do that you need to have the English Language reading fluency. Reading fluency means that you can read the passage and understand it well, all within 4 minutes. 

IBPS English paper last year contained 7 questions from the comprehension section. This indicates that you cannot skip it as it has a huge weightage. It’s important for you to work on the comprehension section of IBPS Clerk 2017 and prepare well for it. 

2. Jumbled Sentence: 
There are 5 questions asked every year from the topic of the jumbled sentences. It’s the standard practice. If you practice well for the comprehension section, then you can easily score in jumbled sentences. Make sure that you read well and understand the sentence construction so that you can crack the IBPS English section of 2017 easily. 

3. Close Passage: 
There were about 8 blanks given in the IBPS English paper last year. Close passages questions can be answered easily if you understand the meaning of the context and the words. To understand them, you need to read a lot and learn new words daily. Learning minimum 10 new words daily will help you boost your score in IBPS English section. 

English is a not a language that you can learn in just 2 days. English requires regular practice and learning. Solve as many close passages questions as you can. This will help you answer close passage questions in IBPS Exam easily. 

4. Spot the error: 
Spot the error questions are asked every year. Around 10 questions from this section are asked. Spot the error questions cover the entire grammar syllabus of English language. It is extremely important for you to know all the grammar rules and structures. The spot the error questions can be asked on pronouns, tenses, subject-verb agreement, articles, conjunctions, word class, noun, verb etc. Hence, it is important for you to learn all the grammar rules. 

Solve the below spot the error question and leave your answer in the below comment section. 

1. It so happens that this happy campy ritual is their way of life and one into which they don't particularly welcome voyeuristic intrusions.

a) It so happens that this happy campy ritual is their
b) way of life and
c) one into which they
d) don't particularly welcome voyeuristic intrusions
e) No error

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IBPS English
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