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5 Tips to Crack IBPS PO 2017 in First Attempt

IBPS PO 2017

With the IBPS PO 2017 just days away, everyone has the same question -- How to Crack IBPS PO 2017?, and if you are a candidate who is appearing for IBPS PO Exam for the first time then you must be enthusiastic about cracking the IBPS PO 2017 in the very first attempt. 

What is IBPS PO?

The Institute of Banking Personnel Selection conducts exams for recruiting bank aspirants in Public Sector Banks and Regional Banks. These exams help candidates achieve their dream jobs as bankers. 

How to Crack IBPS PO in First Attempt

You must put in constant efforts and hard work to crack IBPS PO Exam in the first attempt. Here are a few tips that will help you crack IBPS PO 2017 in the first attempt;

1. IBPS PO 2017 Exam Pattern and Syllabus

Have a thorough knowledge of the IBPS PO Exam Pattern and IBPS PO Syllabus. Know the exact syllabus and the pattern of the examination. 

Check out the sections that are allotted more marks and on which you will have to spend less time. These are the sections that can help you score. 

Know all the topics in each section that you will be tested on. And start collecting study material for IBPS PO 2017.

IBPS PO 2017 Exam Pattern

IBPS PO 2017

IBPS PO Syllabus

IBPS PO 2017

2. Time Management For IBPS PO 2017

Before attempting IBPS PO 2017: 
The success is achieved by those who utilize the time given during IBPS PO Exam at the optimum level.

As just a few days are left for the IBPS PO 2017, allot time for each topic and dedicate enough time for the revision. Test yourself on a weekly basis so that you very well know where you stand. Make a schedule and follow it dedicatedly.

For your reference here is a detailed study plan for IBPS PO 2017 for 60 days. Refer to it, understand it and apply it.

IBPS PO 2017

While Writing IBPS PO 2017: 

It is necessary that you manage your time while writing IBPS PO 2017 well. Since IBPS PO 2017 is a time-constraint exam, where you are supposed to solve 100 questions in 60 mins for IBPS PO prelims, it is extremely important for you to manage your time while solving the questions.

Here are a few tips that will help you manage your time and score more in IBPS PO 2017:
  1. Attempt questions which require fewer calculations. For example, attempt English section first so that you don’t waste your time in calculations.
  2. If you do not know the answer to a question, don’t waste your time on it. Move on to the next. Just skip the question and come back to it in the end, if you have time left.
  3. Do not jump at the solution without reading the complete question. Since IBPS PO Exam has negative marking, you need to be very sure of the answer you mark.

3. Know your Weaknesses

Take as many IBPS PO Mock tests as you can. Talentsprint has a list of free IBPS PO mock tests that you can take on a weekly basis. Analyze topics where you face difficulties when attempting IBPS PO Mock Tests and work on them. 

For example, you might be good in aptitude section, but weak in English. In that case, start allotting more time to English. 

Your IBPS PO Study Plan should focus on your weak areas so that you don’t miss any chance to crack IBPS PO 2017.

4. Research, Read and Learn

You can find a lot of content online regarding IBPS PO 2017. Talentsprint Youtube channel has over 1600+ videos that you can access for free. Watch them all to learn the shortcuts to solving major questions in IBPS PO 2017.

Also, watch our Facebook page for updates regarding IBPS PO 2017. Use the content that you can get hold of and learn them all to crack IBPS PO 2017.

IBPS PO 2017

5. Stay Confident and Positive

Stay positive. Don’t get scared and nervous. The moment you start becoming anxious about IBPS PO Exam, you start losing hope and end up not giving your best. It is advisable for you to gear up and start preparing for IBPS PO now!

Since the IBPS PO notification is not out yet, there is still time for you to register for the IBPS PO 2017 exam. Don't wait for the notification to be out. Start your IBPS PO preparation now! 

Talentsprint has a well-constructed course for you, which will help you crack IBPS PO 2017 in your very first attempt. 

IBPS PO 2017
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