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Rules For Error Spotting Questions In IBPS Clerk Exam

Error spotting is the most important topic for IBPS Clerk Exam. Error spotting questions from the general English section of IBPS Clerk tests an IBPS candidate's overall understanding of the English language and English grammar. 

Error Spotting

Questions on error spotting would need you to spot the error/s in the given sentence. There are about 21 spotting error types that commonly occur in IBPS Clerk Exam. 

Since the IBPS Clerk 2017 Notification is out, you must know all the 21 spotting error types and practice the error spotting questions as this is a section where you can score easily. 

What are the different error spotting types of Questions?

In this post, we have discussed a few examples of error spotting questions that will help you to prepare for IBPS Clerk 2017.  

Error spotting question 1: Parts of Speech

Question: Anu has (A)/ a fascinating (B)/ for all electrical things. (C)/ No error (D)

In this sentence, the error is related to the noun. 

When an indefinite article 'a' is given in a sentence then it should be followed by a noun. Therefore, the error is in the second part of the sentence. 

Error: Fascinating
Correction: Fascination

Correct sentence: Anu has a fascination for all electrical things.

Answer:  B  

Error spotting question 2: Relative Pronoun

Question: He is (A)/ the same boy (B)/ which came to (C)/ us yesterday. (D)/ No error(E)

In this sentence, the error is in the 3rd  part of the sentence.

He is the same boy is the subject of the sentence. 
Which came to us yesterday is the relative clause. 

A relative pronoun should be relatable to the subject. Hence, He is a pronoun and who, whom, and that, are some of the relative pronouns that are relatable to it. 

In this case Who is the correct relative pronoun to be used. 

Error: Which

Correction: Who 

Correct sentence: He is the same boy who came to us yesterday.

Answer: C

Error spotting question 3: Subject-Verb Agreement

Question: The decoration (A)/ of the new office block (B)/, including the furniture and curtains (C)/ are most pleasing. (D)/ No error (E)

In this sentence, the error is the 4th part of the sentence. The error is related to subject-verb agreement.

A singular subject always goes with the singular verb. 
The decoration of the new office block is singular, therefore, the verb that that should be used must be singular. 

Error: Are

Correction: Is

Correct sentence: The decoration of the new office block, including the furniture and curtains, is most pleasing. 

Answer: D

There are many spotting error questions that commonly occur in IBPS Clerk. The most frequently asked 10 error spotting questions have been discussed in our previous blog.

Error spotting question 4: Preposition

Question: Guru Ram Das was (A)/ the fourth Guru of the Sikhs (B)/ between 1674 to 1681. (C)/ No error (D)

In this sentence, the error is in the 4th part of the sentence. 

Years 1674 – 1681 is a range. When we talk about a range the preposition that is used is ‘from.’

Error: between

Correction: from 

Correct sentence: Guru Ram Das was the fourth Guru of the Sikhs from 1674 to 1681. 

Answer: C

Since the official IBPS Clerk Notification is out it is important for you to learn in detail the different error spotting types. Start your preparation now and join our free Academy where we have discussed all the topics that are asked from English section of IBPS Clerk Paper. 

Watch our expert faculty explain in detail all the 21 types of error spotting questions.

Practice Questions on error spotting for IBPS Clerk Exam

1. 1) During the flood /2) Shilpa's colleagues /3) prayed for /4) her safety. /5) No error. 
2. 1) Every one admires Deepa /2) because of her ability /3) to generate /4) so good ideas.       /5) No error. 
3. 1) The company has announced /2) a bonus for all /3) employee who /4) achieve their sales targets. /5) No error. 
4. 1) The Cashier cannot /2) given no explanation /3) for the money /4) that is missing. /5) No error.

Do leave your answers in the comment sections and practice as many error spotting questions you can to crack English section of IBPS Clerk 2017. Since there are few days left for the examination, here are few tips that will help you crack IBPS Clerk.

Error Spotting
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