Wednesday, 30 August 2017

5 Things To Do Before Your IBPS Prelims Exam

IBPS Prelims Exam

The Institute of Banking Personnel (IBPS) conducts an Examination to recruit candidates as clerks in various public sector banks in India. According to the IBPS Clerk Notification released, IBPS Prelims 2017 begins on 2nd December. With just a few days away from IBPS Prelims Exam, it is important for you to do these 5 things right before the exam to ensure that you crack IBPS Prelims 2017 easily. 

1. Revise and Recall all Important Formulas, Concepts, and Theories

3 to 4 days before the IBPS Prelims exam, revise all the important formulas and ensure that you understand all the concepts well. Unless you revise the formulas, you will not remember them during the exam. Go through your study material and notes, revise from them and get ready to attempt IBPS Prelims Exam.

2. Keep all your documents ready

Last minute preparation always creates a havoc. It is important for you to be all set for the IBPS Prelims prior to the examination. Collect all your ID proofs, photographs and print out your admit card and keep them in your bag. Get all your documents right. This step will ensure that you don’t have to worry about these right before the exam.

3. Plan your attempt order

It is necessary for you to plan your IBPS Prelims Exam attempt order. You should know your strengths and weakness. This will help you to plan your order in which you want to attempt your IBPS prelims exam. It is advisable that you start with your strengths and attempt your weak questions/sections later. This will help you save a lot of time and help you attempt a higher number of questions in IBPS Prelims.

4. Avoid any last minute preparation

It is best that you avoid any last minute preparation. Never start a new topic or refer to new study material right before the IBPS Prelims exam. This will confuse you and leave you stunned rather than help you prepare for the prelims of IBPS Clerk.

5. Get adequate sleep the night before

Studies have proven that a candidate who is stress-free and more relaxed performs better in IBPS Prelims Exams than the candidate who doesn’t sleep well and is stressed out. This is the last but the most important thing that you do before the exam. Get a good night's sleep. 

To avoid any last-minute rush, it is best that you start your IBPS Clerk preparation right away. Download our free ebooks that will help you prepare for IBPS Prelims without any hindrances. 
IBPS Prelims Exam
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