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SBI PO Descriptive Paper III: 4 Things to Remember while Writing a Letter

The SBI PO Descriptive Paper which is a part of the SBI PO Mains 2017, has a section on letter writing too. This makes it important for you to score the maximum by using the right tricks while writing a letter in SBI PO Mains 2017.

SBI PO Descriptive Paper
The SBI PO Descriptive paper tests you on two writing skills- Essay and Letter. The shortlisted candidates have to write both in the SBI PO Descriptive paper- an essay and a in 30 minutes. In the previous blog in this series we had discussed tips to write an essay and the expected essay topics in SBI PO Mains 2017. In this blog post we will discuss tips that will ensure that you score well in the letter writing section and get a good score in SBI PO Descriptive Paper.

SBI PO Descriptive Paper- Letter Writing

The letter carries 20 marks in the SBI PO Descriptive paper and you are expected to write about 150 words. There are always 3 letter topics in the SBI PO Mains Descriptive Paper and you have to choose 1 topic from amongst those and write the letter. The 3 topics are distributed between formal and informal letters. Therefore it is important that you practice letters of both kinds. Since time is not your friend in the SBI PO Descriptive Paper, it is essential that you spend just the right amount of time writing the letter.
SBI PO Descriptive Paper

4 Tips to Write a Good Letter in SBI PO Descriptive Paper

Now, there are just some small differences between an average letter and a well written letter. These 4 tips will ensure that your letter is both good and also gets you a good score in the SBI PO Descriptive paper.
Follow the Format
Both, formal and informal letters have a pattern that you must follow to the t. In most competitive exams and SBI PO Mains not being any different, one third of the total marks in the letter writing section are always for the format. So if you write the date, the address and salutations properly, you can easily secure 6-7 marks out of 20.
SBI PO Descriptive Paper
SBI PO Descriptive Paper

Short Logical Paragraphs

Since the SBI PO Descriptive paper marks you on your writing skills, remember to have 2-3 short paragraphs in the letter. Honestly, the word limit of 150 words does not allow for more than that. Each paragraph should be a short paragraph with maximum 4-5 lines. Ensure that there is a logical sequence of sort in the paragraphs and the content as a whole.

Follow the 7 Cs
Remember to follow the 7 Cs when you are writing a letter in SBI PO Descriptive paper-
1. Clear- Be clear in your thoughts and write short simple sentences.
2. Concise- Be to the point and do not repeat the same thing over and over again.
3. Correct- If you are writing any facts, ensure that they are correct and there is no discrepancy.
4. Courteous- Tone is extremely important in any letter whether formal or in formal or whether you are writing to friends or family.
5. Conversational- Keep the tone of the letter conversational. To the reader it should appear that the writer is sitting across the table and speaking to him.
6. Convincing- Give convincing arguments to prove your point but keep the tone in mind.
7. Complete- Remember to complete your sentences, points, arguments and paragraphs along with a proper conclusion to the letter. It should not look incomplete in terms of logical sequencing.

Revise and Proofread

For the letter writing section in the SBI PO descriptive paper, you must remember to revise and proof read what you have written. Though this may appear very basic to some of you, often some basic grammatical spelling errors are made by us when we write in a hurry. Revision and proofreading will ensure that you are able to rectify those errors. Also try and read aloud what you have written because that makes it easier to catch errors.

Remember, the essay in SBI PO descriptive paper needs you to write the letter in about 150 words, so make the most of it and follow these 4 tips to maximize your score in the letter.
SBI PO Descriptive Paper
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