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Daily Update On Current Affairs - April 30, 2017

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Here's your daily summary of Current Affairs.

Ganga Swachhta Sankalp Divas To Be Celebrated On May 02, 2017

May 2, 2017, will be observed as Ganga Swachhta Sankalp Divas by National Mission on Clean Ganga (NMCG) at 12 locations. Namely;
i. Kanpur, 
ii. Allahabad, 
iii. Varanasi, 
iv. Patna, 
v. Bhagalpur, 
vi. Sahibganj, 
vii. Kolkata, 
viii. Raj Ghat (Hardoi), 
ix. Bithoor, 
x. Srinagar (Uttarakhand)
xi. Vidhur Kuti (Bijnor) and 
xii. Devprayag

Apart from these locations, with the help of Ganga Vichaar Manch, local NGOs and volunteer support, the event is slated to be organized at more than 30 other locations. The objective of the event is to spread awareness and promote active involvement of the masses in Swachh Ganga. The event envisages developing a sense of pride and ownership among masses and to actively support for Namami Gange programme. Ganga Vichar Manch which is a volunteer wing of National Mission on Clean Ganga (NMCG) would execute the event in close coordination with State Programme Management Groups, State Government Departments/Agencies, District Administration and other key stakeholders at each of the above locations.

‘Digi Yatra’ Initiative To Make Flying Simpler

The Ministry of Civil Aviation under the proposed “Digi Yatra” initiative is looking forward to making boarding pass and security check-ins digital at airports using Aadhaar and mobile phones. Under this initiative, a digital mode for airport entry and verification of passengers would be used. The move is aimed to ease the security and boarding procedure and to make the whole air travel experience completely digital. According to the civil aviation minister Jayant Sinha, the proposed initiative would not require any paperwork and the traveller will be securely identified through Aadhaar number, passport or other documents. The ministry is now working on establishing a uniform set of standards and protocols which can be applied across the system. The ministry expects to roll out the initiative in the coming months.

Prime Minister Inaugurates International Basava Convention

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has unveiled translated volumes of Vachana in 23 Indian languages on the occasion of Basava Jayanti. The 23 Vachana volumes were edited by late M M Kalburgi and have been translated into other languages by more than 200 people. Prime Minister also released the digital version of the work. This is the first ever celebration of Basava Jayanti at the national level in New Delhi. The translated volumes of Vachana was commissioned by the Basava Samithi at a cost of 2.5 crore rupees of which the Karnataka government has contributed 1 crore rupees. The celebrations also coincide with golden jubilee of Basava Samiti that was set up by former Vice President B D Jatti 1964 to spread in Basavannas message.

First Book Village In The Country To Come Up In Maharashtra

From May 4, Bhilar, a tiny hamlet in Satara district of Maharashtra is all set to become India’s first ‘book village’. The concept of book village is inspired by Britain’s Hay-on-Wye, which is a Welsh town located in the United Kingdom, famous for its bookstores and literature festivals. Under this initiative, tourists and locals can come and read books, magazines, newspapers stacked at 25 artistically decorated locations around the village. The books on wide-ranging subjects and 15,000 books in Marathi would be made available on these premises. Some of the books that will be available for the readers are very rare and out of publication, including novels, reference books about Maharashtra and Marathi culture written by prominent authors.  To make sure that the books are returned by the tourists, tourists will be made to pay a nominal deposit.

India Successfully Carries Out Fresh User Trial Of Agni-III Ballistic Missile

India has successfully carried out a fresh user trial of Agni-III ballistic missile from a defence test facility in the Abdul Kalam Island. The Strategic Forces Command carried out the test with logistics support from Defence Research Development Organisation (DRDO). The objective of the test was to re-establish the operational effectiveness of the weapon system. Agni III was inducted into the armed forces in June 2011. Already several successful tests have been conducted making the missile a foolproof and a proven missile.

Government Launches Test And Treat Policy For HIV

Union Health Minister JP Nadda has launched the Test and Treat policy for Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) patients. As per this new policy, anyone who is tested and found positive will get the necessary treatment free of cost. Anyone found positive will be provided with ART (Anti- Retroviral Therapy) irrespective of his CD count. The scheme will be a centrally sponsored scheme. All men, women, adolescents and children who have been diagnosed positively can benefit under this new policy. HIV destroys the CD4 T cells in the human body and weakens the immunity levels. A person who has CD4 cell count below 200 is considered to be at significant risk of developing serious illnesses. Before the announcement of this new policy, the government was providing free treatment to people with a count of 400 and below.

India’s Forex Reserves Increase By $1.25 Billion

According to the Reserve Bank of India’s weekly statistical supplement, India’s foreign exchange (Forex) reserves have increased by $1.25 billion to reach $371.13 billion from $369.88 billion as on April 21, 2017. The current reserves are just short of a lifetime high of USD 371.99 billion reached in the week to September 30, 2016.
The components of India’s Foreign Exchange Reserves include:
Foreign currency assets (FCAs)
Gold Special Drawing Rights (SDRs)

RBI’s Reserve Position With International Monetary Fund (IMF)

RBI says, banks cannot refuse to accept faded or scribbled notes according to its 'clean note policy'. RBI has said, banks cannot refuse to accept faded notes or those with scribbles. In a circular to banks, RBI said such banknotes have to be treated as soiled notes and dealt with according to its clean note policy. The circular was issued after it received complaints that many branches were not accepting banknotes, specifically of 500 and 2,000 denominations, with anything written on them or those either smudged with colour or faded due to washing. The central bank clarified that its instruction on scribbling on notes was a directive for staffers not to write on banknotes.

North Korea Once Again Test-Fires Ballistic Missile

North Korea has test-fired a ballistic missile defying global pressure and warnings from the United States and its main ally, China. The test was conducted from the Pukchang region present in the north of the North Korean capital, Pyongyang. However, according to the US and South Korean officials, the test has failed and it is North Korea’s fourth successive unsuccessful missile test since March. The missile launched is expected to be a medium-range weapon known as a KN-17 and appears to have disintegrated within minutes of taking off.
Global Response: South Korea has said that the launch was a clear violation of UN resolutions and warned North Korea of tougher UN sanctions. Earlier, US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson had warned North Korea of catastrophic consequences if it fails to curb its nuclear and ballistic missile programmes. Japan has condemned the test as unacceptable.

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