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3 Reasons To Focus On Idioms And Phrases For SSC CGL and Bank Exams

idioms and phrases
Have you caught yourself not following someone in the conversation because they said something like 'once in a blue moon', and you're left wondering why is he or she saying strange things that make no contextual sense at all? What an awkward situation it is to be in when a response is expected out of you and you're merely standing, not understanding the expression at all. Sometimes, people use set strings of words that make no sense on their own to convey a precise feeling or to express their stand about the given topic. Confusing as they may be, these strings of random words stitched together are the essence of the English language.

Idioms and phrases can be tricky as they have a hidden meaning. The words used in a set combination can give a completely different meaning altogether and not what it literally conveys.

For example:
idioms and phrases
Idioms are expressions that don’t mean exactly the way they are stated.

Here, we will discover 3 reasons how knowledge on Idioms and Phrases can actually help us score better in the SSC CGL and Bank exams.

Reason 1: It Aids In Understanding Context Quickly

Let us suppose you have an idiomatic phrase in a reading comprehension or theme detection passage. Knowing the commonly used idioms and phrases in SSC CGL and Bank exams will help you recognise it, recollect the actual meaning of the idiom or the phrase and understand what it is trying to convey in the context that it is used. This is definitely a time saver.

Reason 2: Separate Section On Idioms And Phrases

Sometimes, the idioms and phrases appear within a context which is relatively easier to identify when compared to the section of the question paper where it appears as a standalone phrase. You’ll have to identify the right option that conveys the correct meaning without any background to help you. This section may consist of either 5 or 10 whole marks of your entire exam paper. Which is why it pays to know what that idiom exactly means.

Reason 3: Knowing About Idioms And Phrases Can Improve Your Comprehension Skills

As we saw in the very beginning of this post, knowing about the appropriate usage of idioms and phrases can improve your comprehension and communication skills. When someone uses an idiomatic expression in their conversation with you, you can understand the expression and respond appropriately. The same applies while reading a given comprehension. Knowing the meanings of common idioms and phrases can help you understand the context in its entirety. Using idioms while speaking and writing adds richness to your language and projects you as someone who has a good command over the English language.

Since you now know why you need to get familiar with as many idioms and phrases as possible, learn more to score more, both while writing and speaking.

Do let me know if you need me to explain any specific idiom or a phrase that you might be having a hard time understanding.

All The Best!

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