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What to expect from the SSC CGL 2017 Notification

SSC CGL 2017 – Notification
While the SSC CGL website shows no notification yet, the notification is eagerly awaited for 2017. Clearly the Staff Selection Committee has postponed the announcement of the notification. This is causing anxiousness among the students who are preparing for the SSC CGL recruitment and waiting to be inducted for Central Government jobs. Let’s understand what the notification is and why it is important for the SSC CGL.

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What is the SSC CGL notification?

The SSC CGL notification gives details of the date and time of the SSC CGL exam. The notification also provides information about the format and duration of the exam.

When was the SSC CGL 2017 notification expected?

It was earlier announced in the exam calendar released by the Staff Selection Commission that the SSC CGL notification for 2017 will be announced on March 11, 2017. However, the notification has not yet been received. While the notification is expected soon, the dates of the SSC CGL 2017 recruitment exam have been announced and are to be held between June 19th and July 2nd, 2017.

What is the reason for delay for the SSC CGL 2017 notification?

There is no clarity on why the SSC CGL notification has been delayed this year there are many theories that are doing the rounds such as,
  1.  The notification was delayed as March 11th was a Holi holiday. 
  2.  There has been some clatter that the Staff Selection Committee may have decided to change the format of the SSC CGL exam for 2017. As the committee has not yet finalised the proposal there has been a delay in notifying the new format.
  3. Others suggest that there is a proposal to change the age criteria for applicants appearing for the exam. The SSC is waiting to finalise the new age structure before releasing the notification.
  4. Some also think that there is just a casual delay in announcing the notification without any reason and that the notification will be released soon as the dates of the SSC CGL exam has already been announced. 
  5. Perhaps the most relevant reason however, is that the notification has been delayed as the SSC CGL 2016 recruitment is still in progress. Once the same is completed the notification for 2017 will be issued. Please note that while the above are possible explanations for the delay, no official explanations have been provided.

What to expect from the SSC CGL 2017 notification?

With the SSC CGL notification not having been released on 11th March 2017, as detailed in the exam calendar, we can expect the following:
  1. The last date for SSC registration which was April 15th, 2017 to be extended to a later date. 
  2. The exam period which was announced as June 19th to July 2nd may also be pushed forward. Although there is still time for the exams to be held as per the calendar with the notification getting delayed the exam dates may also be postponed. This is more likely if the format is the exam is changed. 
  3. Revision in the exam format for the SSC CGL exam. While the format may change expect the exam to be taken online. 
  4. Revision in the age criteria for the applicants.
While there is much speculation in what to expect from the SSC CGL exam notification which is expected soon, we suggest that you continue to study the syllabus that has been prescribed and remember that more practise will only help you to do better in the upcoming exams.

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