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Tips & Tricks to Crack GATE 2018 Successfully

The Graduate Aptitude Engineering Test (GATE) is one of the most competitive exams in India today. This can be gauged from the number of candidates who appear for the GATE every year: 8,04,863 in 2015, 8,18,860 in 2016 and a reported 8,23,000 in 2017!!!

What is the GATE?

This is an all-India exam conducted jointly by the Indian Institute of Science and the seven Indian Institutes of Technology for admission into their postgraduate programs like M.E., M.Tech., direct PhD., etc.

The exam tests the candidate’s proficiency in and understanding of his/her undergraduate subject in Engineering or Science. GATE covers 23 engineering branches like Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electronics & Communication Engineering, etc., and sciences like Chemistry, Physics, Geology & Geophysics, etc.

Some details about the exam:

  • 3-hour duration 
  • 65 questions worth a maximum of 100 marks
  • At least 10 questions will test language and analytical skills
  • Questions are multiple choice as well as numerical answer type
  • Working sheets provided 
  • Online test with questions appearing in a random sequence on a computer screen 
  • The computer locks down at the end of the 3-hour window


Scorecards are issued only to qualified candidates, and they show the total marks secured, the cut-off marks for various categories, and the all-India rank. The score card is valid for 3 years.

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GATE-way to more than a postgraduate degree

  • GATE scores are now used by government undertakings (PSUs) to recruit engineers into entry-level jobs. 
  • The success of IIT graduates is well known with many high-flying careers having been kick-started thanks to an IIT education. This has encouraged international institutes like the Nanyang Technological University of Singapore to consider GATE scores for their programs too. 
  • A good GATE score opens the door to financial assistance in Masters and direct doctoral programs run by the Ministry of Human Resource Development and other government agencies.

Uphill hike but need not be a task

The sheer numbers which appear for the GATE ensure that only the best will pass through this hallowed portal to greener pastures. The exam is usually held by early February each year. GATE 2018 will probably follow the same timetable. So, get ready to start the sprint towards a great GATE 2018 score!

Being prepared well in time is a strategy that every serious candidate should consider.

Answer the following if you are a candidate for GATE 2018:
  • How deep and thorough is your subject knowledge in your Engineering or science graduation?
  •  How well grounded are you in your fundamentals? 
  • What are your levels of concentration? 
  • How hard can you work each day? 
  • What are your attitude and aptitude? 
  • Do you have internet access to practice online testing?
The answers to these questions will point the way to devise a plan of action to crack GATE 2018.

Tips & Tricks

  • Identify your strengths. Refer to the detailed syllabus and analyze your subject knowledge. Apply for one branch at a time if you are doubtful of your readiness. This will decrease the stress quotient and help you to prepare with concentration. 
  • List out the topics of the subject of your choice and prepare a schedule which includes what is to be covered. Discipline is necessary to stick to a plan of action. Set the time aside every single day. This will do wonders for spreading the stress of prepping over an extended period. It will also give you a sense of achievement: this is very satisfying, you will see! 
  • It is not only important to know what to study, but also to know what NOT to waste precious time on. Previous years’ papers are one way to gain good insight. If you want a sure fire no-guesses method, an experienced trainer can put you through the right paces and get you to the right places. 
  •  The GATE tests concepts in depth and so preparation must aim towards a clear and deep understanding. Just skimming over in the hope of a quick-fix to a quick-finish is being foolishly unrealistic. 
  •  All questions do not carry equal marks. Judging what is important or ‘weightier’ is not easy. An experienced trainer can guide you in optimizing scoring vis-à-vis time. 
  •  When you feel that you have a good understanding of your subject, start the testing. Work on previous years’ papers. There are SO MANY on the internet today that you might land up with a lot of unsuitable and inconsequential material. So BEWARE! Don’t waste precious hours on generalized question papers which are passed off as GATE material. 
  •  Make short notes as you progress. Formulae, concepts, principles, laws, etc. can be encapsulated for a quick run-through as the exam date gets nearer and the prep gets hotter! There’s no point of scrambled notes that you’ll have to spend hours searching through. Use a notebook and neat notations.

These are a few tips. As for the TRICKS, you should know that an experienced training institute with the most talented faculty can bless you with the cutting edge you need to crack GATE. Here’s how you can reap the benefits of power-packed coaching:

  • Learn shortcuts which will help you save time. 
  • Learn ‘tricks’ that will fix solutions in your memory 
  • Ebooks and video lessons that will give you deep subject knowledge 
  • Discussions with trainers and peers, which will give you a better understanding of how to tackle GATE
  • Mock tests that will give you a feel of how the actual exam will be. They will also make you understand what your strengths are and work towards correcting your shortcomings.You will be so exam-ready that you can sail through GATE 2018 with cool confidence.
Does this make you more ready to go GATE- crashing? Get going!

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