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Calculation Tricks VI – Multiplication Tricks to Multiply Numbers with 25 For IBPS PO Exam

Multiplication Tricks are very handy in IBPS PO Exam because they speed up your calculations and save time in competitive exams. Multiplying Numbers will never be the same with these calculation tricks.

Multiplication Tricks
Name any competitive exam… SBI PO, IBPS, SSC Exam, InsuranceExams, Railway Recruitment Board Exams… Irrespective of the name of the exam that you are appearing for, multiplying numbers is a task you cannot run from. Calculation tricks especially multiplication tricks are therefore a basic need in all competitive exams.  We all know that multiplication amongst big numbers can not only be quite a challenge but also be very time consuming. And time is definitely not your friend in such exams.
So in this series dedicated to Calculation Tricks we have discussed some really time effective ways to do calculations. Read on to get some multiplication tricks up your sleeve. This trick will help you in multiplying numbers with 25.
Calculation Tricks

Why do you Need Multiplication Tricks?

Almost every second question in the Quantitative Aptitude Section of IBPS PO Exam has you multiplying numbers. Therefore it becomes almost imperative that you have skills that help calculate accurately and quickly. And expertise in multiplying numbers using multiplication tricks can come very handy and help you get closer to the cut off. Here we will discuss multiplying numbers with 25.

A Question where Multiplication Tricks help Multiplying Numbers with 25

436x 25 = ?
1) 15600      2)10900      3)13400      4) 14600      5) None of these

Conventional Method of Multiplying Numbers with 25

How you do normally do you multiply these two numbers? Get a pen and paper, quickly scribble some numbers, do some multiplication with 5 and 2 respectively, then do some addition and then finally you get your answer!
Multiplication Tricks
Undoubtedly this answer is correct and follows the method we were taught in school but what you forget is that multiplying numbers like this also takes 10 seconds!

Smart Method Using Multiplication Tricks

Time to upgrade and use some multiplication tricks that help you complete this calculation quicker and faster! Some multiplication tricks that will not need you to use pen and paper but just reach the answer verbally!
Multiplying numbers with 25 can be done by just substituting 25 with 100/4. So all you need to do is divide the given number by 4 and multiply that number with 100, which is just adding 2 zeros to get the answer.

Step 1:
436 x 25= 436 x (100/4)

Step 2:
 (436/4) x 100= 109 x 100 = 10900
Multiplication Tricks
We all know the table to 4 really well and this calculation is just like mental math! Simple! Quick! Easy!
Practice these questions with multiplication tricks-
Question 1: 1234 x 25 = ?
1) 30850      2)34400      3)31700      4) 37700      5) None of these

Question 2: 6317 x 25 = ?
1) 150345      2)188575      3) 121485      4) 156855      5) 157925

Do write in the comments section below how much time these multiplication tricks helped you save!

Stay tuned for the next trick in the series!
Multiplication Tricks

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