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Daily Update On Current Affairs - April 15, 2017

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PM Launches BHIM – Aadhar Platform

Prime Minister has launched BHIM-Aadhaar platform from Nagpur. BHIM-Aadhaar platform is the merchant interface of the BHIM App that has been launched for making digital payments using the Aadhaar platform. BHIM App was launched in December 2016 to provide a one-stop solution for all digital payments. The App created a new world record by registering 1.9 crore downloads within four months since its launch. The newly launched BHIM-Aadhaar platform will help people to pay digitally using their biometric data like thumb imprint on a merchant’s biometric-enabled device like a smartphone or a biometric reader. The App needs to be installed only by merchants and they need to connect their smartphones to the biometric scan machine to accept the payments from customers. The customers who want to pay using this app needs to link Aadhaar number and biometric fingerprint to complete a transaction.

127th Birth Anniversary Of Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar Celebrated

127th birth anniversary of Bharat Ratna Dr. B.R.Ambedkar was celebrated at the Parliament House complex. President, Vice President, and Prime Minister paid floral tributes to the statue of Ambedkar present in the Parliament House Lawns. The celebrations were organized by Dr. Ambedkar Foundation, Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment.

Advertising Standards Council Of India Comes Out With New Guidelines For Endorsement By Celebrities

Advertising Standards Council of India (ASCI) has come up with a set of guidelines for celebrities endorsing products. As per the guidelines, celebrities are personalities from the field of entertainment and sports and also includes other well-known personalities like doctors, authors, activists and educationists who gets compensation for appearing in advertisements. 

Salient guidelines: 
i. Celebrities must exercise due diligence to make sure that all description claims and comparisons made in the advertisements that they endorse are not misleading and deceptive. 
ii. It will be the duty of the advertiser and the advertising agency to make sure that celebrities are aware of the ASCI guidelines. 
iii. ASCI have barred celebrities from endorsing product/treatment/remedy that is prohibited under The Drugs & Magic Remedies Act (Objectionable Advertisements) and the Drugs & Cosmetic Act.
iv. Celebrities should not endorse those products which by law require a health warning on its packaging or advertisement. 
v. Celebrities seeking the advice of ASCI to ascertain whether the advertisement potentially violates any provision of the ASCI code or not would be considered of having completed due diligence. 
vi. Also, the advertising advice of ASCI cannot be construed as pre-clearance for an advertisement.

Nepal And China To Hold First Ever Joint Military Exercise

Nepal and China are all set to hold their first ever joint military exercise named ‘Sagarmatha Friendship-2017’ from April 17 to April 26. The 10-day long joint exercise will focus on combating terror and disaster management. Although Nepal conducts joint exercises with other countries like India and United States, this is the first time it is holding a joint exercise with China. The joint exercise comes at the backdrop of Nepal’s proposal of such exercise having the focus on disaster management during Chinese Defence Minister, General Chang Wanquan’s official visit to Nepal on March 24. Sagarmatha is the Nepali name for Mt Everest, which stands in between both the countries. Even though the bilateral military engagement between Nepal and China does not violate India-Nepal treaty of peace and friendship (1950), the exercise does appear unconventional as Nepal has conducted exercises with India earlier. Nepal can have military exercises with other countries without violating the pact with India, but at the same time, military engagement with China is worrisome as China’s definition of terrorism includes Tibetan agitators as well. 

The 1950 India-Nepal Treaty of Peace and Friendship is a bilateral pact between the Government of Nepal and Government of India inked at Kathmandu on July 31, 1950. The treaty permits free movement of people and goods between the two countries and a close relationship and collaboration on matters of defence and foreign affairs. The treaty has 10 articles and envisages for eternal peace and friendship between the two nations.

MOAB Explained In Full

GBU-43, nicknamed as the ‘Mother of All Bombs’, has been dropped by the United States over an ISIS complex in Afghanistan, near the Pakistan border. The bomb was dropped using a Lockheed MC-130 transport plane. GBU-43 is one of the largest non-nuclear bomb ever used in the battlefield. The bomb has been dropped to destroy a system of tunnels and caves used by the ISIS fighters to move around freely making easier for them to target US military advisers and the Afghan forces. The strike was carried out with MOAB to maximize the destruction suffered by the IS fighters and their facilities as well as to minimize the risk for Afghan and US forces conducting cleaning operations in the area.

Facts about MOAB: The official name used by the US Air Force for GBU-43 is the ‘Massive Ordnance Air Blast bomb (MOAB)’. MOAB weighs 9,797 kgs and is a GPS-guided munition. MOAB is about 20 feet long and is capable of burrowing through 200 feet of earth and 60 feet of concrete before detonating. According to Pentagon, MOAB is the largest non-nuclear bomb that has ever been used in the combat. MOAB was first tested in March 2003 at the time of the US-led invasion of Iraq. The test resulted in a huge mushroom cloud that could be seen as far away from 32 km. MOAB, however, is not the largest bomb ever made. Russia in 2007 tested ‘Aviation Thermobaric Bomb of Increased Power’, nicknamed as the “Father of All Bombs”. It is estimated to be 4 times more powerful than MOAB.

Russia, Syria, And Iran Warn The US Against Launching New Strikes On Syria

Russia, Syria, and Iran have strongly warned the United States against launching new strikes on Syria. Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, along with his Iranian and Syrian counterparts, at a trilateral meeting in Moscow today denounced last week's U.S. attack on Syria. They warned that any further such action would entail grave consequences not only for regional but global security.

IT Department Launches II Phase Of “Operation Clean Money”

The Income Tax department has launched the second phase of the ‘Operation Clean Money’ to investigate over 60,000 individuals with an aim to detect black money generation post demonetisation. The Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT), the policy-making body of the income tax department has detected the flow of black money into the banks amounting to over Rs 9,334 crore between November 9, 2016 and February 28 this year. Under the second phase of Operation Clean Money, more than 60,000 persons including 1,300 high-risk persons have been identified for detailed investigation. The department has deducted more than 6,000 transactions of high value property purchase and 6,600 cases of outward remittances.

Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana Crosses Loan Targets

Loans disbursed under the Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana (PMMY) have crossed its target of Rs 1.8 lakh crore in the financial year 2016-17. Loans extended currently stands at Rs 1.80,087 crore. Of this, a majority of the loans were awarded by banks (Rs 1.23 lakh crore). Non-banking financial institutions have lent about Rs 57,000 crore. In this year’s budget, Rs 2.44 lakh crore has been set as a target for Mudra loans for the financial year 2017-18.

World Bank Sanctions $375 Million For India’s First Waterway Project

The World Bank has sanctioned an amount of $375 million for India’s first Water Way Project I. Under this Project, a navigable stretch of 1360 km on River Ganga from Varanasi in UP to Haldia in West Bengal. The loan has a maturity period of 17 years and a grace period of 7 years

Good Friday Observed On  14th April 2017

Good Friday was observed today by Christians all over the globe to mark the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. It is also referred to as Holy Friday or Easter Friday. Prime Minister Narendra Modi remembered the service and sacrifice of Jesus Christ. In a tweet, Mr. Modi said, Jesus Christ life was devoted to mitigating human suffering.

New Year Celebrated In Assam, Tamil Nadu, And Kerala

New Year is being celebrated in various parts of the country today. In Assam, the day is celebrated as Rongali Bihu. The festival is also known as the 'Bohag Bihu' as it marks the beginning of the Assamese month-Bohag. In Kerala, devotees throng Krishna temples for pre-dawn auspicious Vishukani Darshan on Vishu. The Tamil New year or Puthandu is also being celebrated today with traditional fervor and gaiety in the state. Tamil New Year is celebrated on the first of Chithirai Month. On the occasion of Maha Vishuba Sankranti, all temples across Odisha are witnessing beelines of devotees since early morning to have a darshan of the deities at the beginning of the Odia New Year.

Pankaj Advani Wins His Sixth Asian Billiards Title

Sixteen-time world champion Pankaj Advani today won his sixth Asian Billiards title and seventh overall Asian championship. The ace cueist defeated his compatriot Sourav Kothari 6-3 in an entertaining final of the Asian Billiards Championship in Chandigarh.

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