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What You Didn’t Know About Being a Teacher- The X Factors

CTET Preparation
“You know what Miss H wore today?!!”
We had this young, hip, teacher in Class 3 of school, and every single school day was like a fashion parade which we star-struck girls reported at home. She was fun and so popular: we looked forward to school with such eagerness. It’s only now in adulthood that I understand: it wasn’t all about clothes and style. Miss H engaged us as students and as young people. She had the X factor which made her perfect for the teacher’s job.

What makes some teachers effective at their jobs? What secrets to success are they hiding?

Good at teaching because it’s enjoyable

Good teachers enjoy teaching. If you don’t enjoy teaching, the students cannot enjoy learning. Dull, monotonous teaching as if you are reading from an instruction manual makes the subject uninteresting. In fact, it can set off a lifelong distaste for the topic in students. The hidden knack in the teacher’s job is to make lessons interactive, participatory and challenging.

Be a master of the subject

You cannot teach well unless you know your subject thoroughly. In the lower classes, one teacher does it all. But as you go higher, this isn’t possible. A teacher of history of Class 8 cannot teach Maths.

That is why the Central Government schools in India (KVS) recruit different categories of teachers. Post Graduate Teachers (PGTs) teach up to class 12 as they are post graduates with a thorough knowledge of their subject. Trained Graduate Teachers (TGTs) teach only up to class 10, as they are graduates. CTET certification, however, is compulsory; we’ll look into this bit a little later.

Also, this does not mean that the syllabus for classes 10 or 12 is the same as in graduation or post graduation: a teacher must know more than what the lesson encompasses to give students a thorough understanding of the topic.

Organise your lessons and study material

It is no secret that the syllabus in schools is set by the various boards. But how it is to be taught to students, the schedule of lessons and their natural progression, should be organised.

The secret to being a good teacher is to organise homework and tests and deliver timely feedback. This is necessary to make adjustments that make lessons most effective. If you are a teacher or aim to be one, you should know what your teaching day will cover and what the lesson will deliver to your students.

Changing with the times

So many successful teachers will tell you that they are still learning themselves and that too, sometimes, from their students. Open mindedness and the ability to adjust to new environments and challenges is the hallmark of someone who is successful at a teaching job.

Spread positivity

If you cannot be constructive, you cannot succeed as a teacher. No two children are alike. They are those front benchers who are good at their studies, but it is your duty as a teacher to encourage children who lag behind, are unable to catch up.

‘You can do it!’ That should be your slogan. A pleasant and smiling demeanour does wonders for making that connect with students and eggs them on to do better.

Taking some time off to chat with students and making that personal connect will also prove invaluable and rewarding to both students and teachers.

Analyse your work

A valuable tip is that a good teacher can reach greatness if he/she pauses to reflect on his/her work, goals set and achieved. Self-analysis is necessary to keep improving on one’s performance. A teacher is human with all the weaknesses that our species is heir to. Identifying weak points and working to improve oneself is helpful in maintaining high standards of thought and action.

It is obvious that a teacher’s job is not easy. Success or failure at teaching depends on the personality of the teacher and his/her methods of teaching. External factors like the school, the environment of the school, colleagues, etc. also affect a teacher’s performance. Then, how do we standardise something as personal as teaching?

The Central Teacher Eligibility Test (CTET)

There is nothing hidden here. The CTET was introduced to bring high standards into teaching institutions by improving the quality of teachers. CTET certification is mandatory for teacher recruitment to all government and government-aided schools. Many private institutions also acknowledge CTET ranking as a proof of quality in teachers.

Know more about the CTET here.

We all know that a teacher’s job is to teach. What we don’t realise is that the person standing in front of the blackboard has to be devoted, and come up with ways and means to inspire young minds to keep them engaged. That is the hidden truth that all successful teachers carry in their hearts.

If you are passionate about teaching, and moulding young minds and personalities, just remember that a good CTET rank will give you the best openings to work that magic that can transform lives.

It is frustrating to be devoted to the noblest profession of all time and then be stuck in an environment that will not let you give your best or do justice to your profession. If you score high in this certification test, you can step into a teacher’s job in an institution of repute. Good salaries and an amiable workplace are incentives that you can look forward to.

Team TalentSprint is telling you that there is a whole world of young and growing minds waiting for you. Make that connect now.

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