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Ready, Get Set, Go! Preparing for a Dream Job with the AMCAT

AMCAT Preparation
More than 550 of the top companies in India rely on AMCAT assessment when they hire. So, when you’re out there in the job-market, searching desperately for the job of your dreams, it makes perfect sense to go all out and get the best AMCAT score that you can. The best AMCAT preparation is what you need.

How do you do that?

Advice is free

There is so much advice on the easy way to sit for the test and ace it by following ‘simple strategies’ of answering questions. There was one particularly optimistic pearl of wisdom which recommended clicking indiscriminately to beat time constraints. This is not a lottery that you can trust to luck just because there is no negative marking!

Take all this with a huge bag of salt. There is no grand plan and no great strategy: you have to prepare by working regularly with a plan to maximise your scores.

AMCAT is not a degree certificate meant to be put into a showcase- it has to get you a job. Mind it!


The compulsory modules are English, Quantitative Ability, and Logical Ability.  There is also the AMPI- Aspiring Minds Personality Inventory, the psychometric analysis. MBA graduates are tested in Excel, in addition.

There is an optional module that is entirely subject oriented, and a candidate will have to choose two domains suitable to his/her qualifications and job aspirations.

How to prepare

As a graduate, you must be having a fair idea of what your subject strengths are.

Let’s start with English: if you are fluent in the language, this should not be a problem and brushing up about a week before you are due to sit for the test should be enough. The test consists mostly of filling in the blanks, correction and identification of sentence errors, vocabulary, etc.
You have to read and assimilate comprehension passages quickly. So, it would be a good idea to pay some attention here.

If you are not comfortable with the English Language, you will need to prepare. Language cannot be learnt overnight, and you can improve by:
Extensive reading- start with newspapers. It will improve your general knowledge too.
Speaking in English as often as you can. Converse. Communicate. Don’t worry about how you sound. Your language skills will improve with usage.
Watching TV channels in English. Even cartoons will help your fluency

Work with an ace training institute which will teach you how to tackle the AMCAT.

The other point to remember is that your tryst with English does not end with AMCAT. You will need guidance on putting forth a resume that puts you above your competitors. You need command of the language for your interviews and group discussions at the stage of a job interview as well. Also, no amount of fluency is useful if you don’t know how to express yourself. Many candidates lose out because their trial with English ends with the test.

Quantitative Ability: This is essentially Arithmetic with Algebra.

 If your field is engineering or science, this section should not need too much effort or preparation. If your high school maths was your strong point, some practice will refresh your memory and renew your skills. But if maths is the stuff of your nightmares, you had better start a good 6 months in advance and make it a point to start your day with at least a two-hour math workout.

Logical Ability & Reasoning: This section needs not just practice but proper guidance to crack.

Techniques can be taught for coding and decoding, solving puzzles, sequencing, etc.  Objective reasoning needs a chain of thought and you can learn how to form those links by practising with the experts. Just turning the page of a workbook to learn the answers will NOT help. The test will not throw up the same problem or even a similar one. So learn and practise with proper guidance.

AMPI: It is common knowledge that this part of the test is based on the five-factor model which analyses a candidate’s personality as regards his/her extraversion, conscientiousness, openness to experience, amiability, and emotional stability.

There’s no right or wrong answer to this section, but employers use this test to have an idea about the ‘worth’ of a candidate. No one wants to hire an unstable genius or an uncommunicative plodder who cannot get along with colleagues.

If you want to show yourself in a good light, put your best personality forward by practising on AMCAT sample papers. A skilled human resource instructor will prepare you on how to answer. This is no less than preparing for your prospective interview and will be useful for that too.

Optional Modules are essentially subject knowledge. Your graduation must have filled your knowledge tank to some extent. Now practise with sample papers and mock tests specifically designed for the AMCAT.

Time is a constraint

Take a quick look at the time allotted to each section:
English - 18 questions - 16 minutes
QA - 18 questions - 16 minutes
Logical ability - 14 questions - 16 minutes
AMPI - 90 questions - 20 minutes
The optional modules have different timings for different sections. The test is also online. Get used to that too.

There is no negative marking, but guessing is a fool’s choice.

Clear your understanding of AMCAT:
  • It is not a degree to be collected.
  • It shows your job-readiness.
  • It has to help you land a job.
TalentSprint offers you many programs with placement access. We network with more than 700 recruiters. You can get a chance to attend more than 1000 recruitments drives a year, and we will help you prepare for them.

Our dynamic programs include:
  • Flexible programs- online, study centre or pen-drive(n)
  • Weekly mock tests
  • 3-month hands-on experiential learning
  • Objective feedback for improvement followed by personalised study plans  from TIA, our teaching bot.
Use a good AMCAT score as a stepping stone.

TalentSprint will help you climb the rest of the way to your goal.

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