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How to get 90+ Percentile in CoCubes Exam

CoCubes Exam

Ages back, earning an Engineering Degree was considered an achievement. Only select few were able to make a career in this field. With the IT boom hitting India, almost 70% of the students are now pursuing Engineering courses. But, how many of these engineers are actually employable? This remains the million dollar question for many organizations which are recruiting engineering graduates year on year.

Though there are multiple employment opportunities out there, companies are looking to find the right talent that can be the right fit for the job. That’s where organizations like CoCubes work with both the corporates and Universities thereby connecting them together. It enables organizations to filter out the suitable candidates and also drive students to be competent enough. CoCubes basically conducts pre-assessment tests to measure the employability of students across a range of skills like program coding, aptitude, technical knowledge, domain expertise, etc. The score secured in this exam is considered as a serious evaluation criteria for selection across 1200+ corporates and 350+ cities in India.

How can you advance yourself to crack this exam?

There are 5 basic sections in this exam. You should be an all-rounder to qualify equally in all the section.

Cognitive Ability (30 mins)

1. Quantitative Aptitude: Questions on basics of mathematics can be expected in this section. Some of the concepts that you will have to cover are time & work, distance & speed, algebra, equations,profit & loss, ratios, average, etc. You will have some questions on logical reasoning which could be tricky (questions on patterns, syllogisms, etc.). Arun Sharma’s series is a very useful book to strengthen your concepts on quantitative and logical reasoning. You can also look up the video series of master trainer Rohit Agarwal here for this section

Domain Expertise (1 hr 15 mins)

2. Domain test: In this section, all your questions will be based on core engineering subjects that you opted during college (like Computer Science, ECE, EEE, Civil, etc.). Since it’s your core, be thorough with the common concepts.

3. Computer Fundamentals: Similar to the AMCAT exam, you should know the basics of programming languages like C/C++/OOPS, Data Structures, Computer Architecture, Digital Logic, Networking Concepts, MS Office and general awareness about input/output devices.

4. Coding Module: This requires slightly advanced skills compared to the previous section. You will have to write codes to solve a set of problems in languages like C, C++, C#, Java.

Communication Skills (40 mins)

5. Verbal: Read newspapers regularly to crack this section. Do look up the dictionary for meanings of new words that you come across. There will be questions on sentence completion/correction, reading comprehensions, error detection, synonyms, and antonyms.  

6. Written English: This test is to evaluate your potential to engage in a meaningful conversation with others around. You will be given a topic on general awareness and will be expected to give your unbiased views on the topic. You will be assessed for English Grammar, Sentence Construction, and Vocabulary along with topic relevance and word limit adherence.

Personality Test (12 mins)

7. Psychometric Module: Nature of a person is very important to an organization. For example, an organization might look at skills like being a self-starter, being proactive, extrovert, etc….

Speed & Accuracy is the Mantra!

Accuracy plays a pivotal role in this exam compared to the number of questions answered in each section. Also, remember that every section has its own cut off mark. If you want to clear the CoCubes Exam, then a score of at least 60% marks is required in every section.

You might be wondering if you can prepare for this exam on your own given the vast syllabus.. There are professional coaching platforms like TalentSprint where students can enroll for regular classes. Once enrolled, you can opt for either online or classroom programs. You will receive suitable study materials with solved answers along with explanations to ace the CoCubes Exam.

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