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Applications for SBI PO Recruitment: Staying Afloat in the Flood

SBI PO exams

How many people applied for the SBI PO 2016? How many appeared for the preliminary? How many were let through to the Mains?

The State Bank of India is not telling.

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But the job market is abuzz with figures. The far end of the spectrum of conjecture says 35 lakhs of hopefuls applied. But going by the more reliable “deep throat” sources, it would be safe to say that around 27 lakh applications were received for SBI PO 2016 and 20 lakhs appeared for the preliminary examination.

The ratio of Hope to Home truth

# 1. Let’s take the conservative figure of 20 lakh candidates writing the SBI PO prelims in 2016 for the advertised posts of 2200 PLUS back log vacancies of 168; a total of 2368 posts to be filled.

So roughly 845 people vied for 1 post! This means that .118% of the candidates made it to the most wanted PO throne.

#2. Out of the 2o lakh hopefuls who appeared for the prelims, roughly 40,000 qualified for the Mains. This means that only 1 out of every 50 candidates (or 2%) who wrote the SBI PO 2016 prelims qualified. So, 16.89% of the candidates successful in the preliminaries will actually get to join SBI.

How do you explain these numbers?

We have to acknowledge that the SBI PO spot is a very coveted one. Even so, these numbers are mind boggling. While you prepare for SBI PO 2017 prelims, just keep a few of these considerations in mind:

There are those candidates who depend on such imponderables as HOPE and GOOD LUCK. You can throw such unrealistic aspirations into the waste disposal method of your choice.

Then there are those candidates who are all about sweating it out with no plan. They are unclear about what is to be done and how to get around to putting in the effort, though they are ready to work hard. When the competition is so heavy, this is not a good way to go.

The third category of candidates is the ‘last-minute-preppers’ who believe that they can make the dash to board the bus. These might ride hanging from the footboard; their position is precarious, and they’ll never get a seat on the bus!

Some candidates believe that they know it all and can do it all on their own. Belief in yourself is a good quality to have, but such faith should not be misplaced. They should ask themselves these questions:
  • Do I really know how to prepare?
  • Can I beat the heavyweight competition on my own?
  • How will I know if I’m doing it right?
  • How do I assess myself?
Misplaced self-confidence will be the fatal flaw that will bring these candidates down.

SBI PO preparation

If you are a candidate and mean to beat the competition, you must have a plan to prepare. And you must plan early enough.

This is an online exam. So pen and paper working is only in the early stages of preparation.

Knowledge is vast, and you are not writing a thesis. The study material that you have must be of relevance to the SBI PO exam.

Managing time is a skill that you will have to excel at. Many candidates have the knowledge but fail because time is a scarce commodity in the SBI PO preliminary exam and even more depleted in the SBI PO main exam.

But how will you actually ensure any of this?

Welcome the professionals!

The best method of preparation for the SBI PO exams is to take the help of someone who knows the ropes and has worked out the knots.

TalentSprint offers you the best of talented trainers who have the experience and the know-how to help you crack the SBI PO exam.
  • The comprehensive syllabus consists of 964 videos and 169 Ebooks tailor-made to SBI PO and other bank exams.
  • You can learn at your speed with our play-pause-rewind formula until you understand perfectly.
  • You can clear all your doubts in live sessions with trainers who have earned a reputation nationwide for their methods, tips and time-saving shortcuts.
  • Working on previous papers will give you the best practice.
  • Weekly all-India Mock tests as the date for the SBI PO prelims draws closer will give you the feel of the real exam.
  • TIA, our teaching Bot, will analyse your mock test performance, zoom in on your problem areas, and give you a personalised plan to improve your performance.
  • If you have difficulty with an internet connection, you can join our center programs.
  • You will have the chance to interact with other candidates during classroom sessions and benefit from the flow of doubts and prepping ideas.
Don’t take chances with something as important as your entry into a career that is respected, steady, secure, and offers great opportunity for growth.

Thousands of our students have reported success. Be the next one to tell everyone your success story and inspire them!

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