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AMCAT: The Exam Pattern and Syllabus

AMCAT Syllabus

As Information Technology, and other business sectors the world over grow and diversify, finding employable candidates is giving headhunters a splitting headache. ‘Not this one, honey,’ seems to be the sorry chant.

How are they overcoming this?

The Aspiring Minds Computer Adaptive Test (AMCAT) has turned out to be the aspirin equivalent to these burdened souls.

AMCAT- (thank God!)
This is a multi-faceted test to
  1. measure the knowledge and skills of candidates aspiring to different jobs and different roles
  2. test the psyche of the candidate and get a clue to his/her personality and mental capability
  3. collect and arrange data over the years and use it to predict a candidate’s suitability to a particular job or role.

Eligibility to test for AMCAT

Though AMCAT exam testing and scoring are used extensively in recruitment in the IT sector, the test is NOT limited to engineering graduates alone.
  • Students who have completed or are in the final year of MBA
  • Students who have completed or are in the final year of a B.Tech or B.E.
  • Students who have graduated or are in their final year of a Bachelor’s degree
are eligible to appear for the test.

AMCAT exam pattern

The AMCAT exam tests in different sections, or modules. Some modules are compulsory, and others are optional.

The compulsory modules:
a) English. This module tests the understanding and fluency of both the written and the spoken English word. It tests English grammar, vocabulary, and comprehension. 18 questions will have to be answered in 16 minutes.

b) Quantitative Ability tests mathematics(arithmetic), applied maths (commercial maths, speed, distance and time, etc.), and Engineering maths (logarithms, permutations, combinations, and probability)
Here too 18 questions will have to be answered in 16 minutes.

c) Logical Ability will include reasoning –deductive, inductive and abductive- problems. This module is important to assess the candidate’s capacity to perceive and interpret things objectively and use this knowledge to set and predict patterns and outcomes.
14 questions will have to be answered in 16 minutes.

d) AMPI- Aspiring Minds Personality Inventory: This is psychometric testing which analyses the personality of the candidate and is a good indicator to employers about which slot the candidate will fit into.
 AMCAT prides itself on the sophistication of this tool. It aims to measure a candidate’s interpersonal skills and his/her handling of social situations.
90 questions will have to be answered in 20 minutes; so you can understand the faith put into this kind of psychological profiling.

e) Information gathering and synthesis: This module tests task execution and attention to detail. It includes questions which will cover data interpretation, organising information which can be retrieved selectively when necessary. 15 questions to be answered within a time limit of 20 minutes.

f) Excel:  This module is only for MBA graduates and, as the name suggests, tests MS Excel Basics, Advanced Excel including Macros and protection, and Data Analysis and presentation.

The optional modules
It must be remembered at all times, that this is a test that increases the visibility of candidates, so the choice of sections for testing should depend on the profile, educational background and the job aspirations of the candidate.

A candidate has to select 2 domain-specific modules. These can be from the general, engineering, or management category.

In the general category, a candidate must choose from modules like Excel, Computer Programming, Physics, Chemistry, Basic Biology, Marketing, Finance & Accounting, Banking & Financial Services, and Human Resources.

The Engineering module has different branches of engineering to choose from.

The management module offers a choice between Banking & Financial Services, Human Resources, Marketing, Operations Management, and Basic Statistics.

The time limit and the number of questions vary according to the module of choice.


AMCAT is the meeting ground for aspirants and employers. IT companies, financial services, banking institutions, corporates and business houses, hotels, the automobile industry, and telecom companies trust the AMCAT and hire by these scores.

They understand the AMCAT advantage which delivers:
  • Intelligent assessments which are also adaptive to a wide spectrum of skills.
  • Highly accurate evaluation which enables selection as well as elimination.
  • A stringent and reliable test which is standardised for accuracy. One stick measures all candidates.
  • A test proven to accurately predict the suitability of candidates across diverse fields like sales, technology, servicing, management, support, etc. 
65-70% of candidates  selected by companies like Cognizant, MAQ Softwares, Mphasis, and Dell, (just to name a few) have the AMCAT advantage. That is how valuable a guide companies find the test!

How do you succeed?

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We offer online as well as center programs to equip you with the right training to grab the AMCAT advantage. We will guide you on the optional modules that will make your résumé outshine everyone else’s. Our placement network will prove of invaluable help to your career.

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