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30 day structured plan to score well in SBI PO Prelims 2017.

SBI PO Prelims 2017

SBI PO Prelims exam is a competitive exam with a moderate to difficult rating. The competition is fierce and aspirants not only need to toil with determination and sincerity but also make a clear cut plan.

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Prelims are based on Mathematics, English & Computers and are divided into 3 sections, namely – quantitative analysis, reasoning and English language. The paper has a total of 100 questions which carry one mark each; 35 questions are based on quantitative analysis and reasoning ability while 30 are based on English language. The aspirant has to pass a basic score in each of the 3 sections.

Once you clear the Preliminary examination, you qualify to take the main exam.
SBI PO Preparation or SBI PO Preliminary Exam Preparation in 30 days is definitely not an easy task but can be accomplished if you chart out a basic plan. List all the chapters in each subject and leave enough time for taking mock tests and for doing analysis. Setting daily goals is an absolute must, so begin by making a chart date-wise and ticking off as you go.

During SBI PO Preparation or SBI PO Preliminary Exam Preparation, plan on mainly studying for the first 20 days and keep the last 10 days for mock tests. Before you begin, be sure to buy some of the books available. Also, go online on relevant sites. These will have material which will not only help you to study but will also pose questions chapter wise giving you the required revision as you move forward with the curriculum. Do devote more time to chapters/subjects you find difficult but do not ignore the ones you find easy for they will help you in upping the score. Spend some time on reading skills every day so that you get used to speed reading on the screen. It is important to read the newspapers everyday and it is of utmost importance to be well informed about current affairs for they form a chunk of the questionnaire.

Given below is a 30 day plan for SBI PO Preparation or SBI PO Preliminary Exam Preparation but feel free to shuffle lessons/chapters, making to suitable for you:

DAY 1-3
Full Grammar including adjectives, adverbs, articles, phrases & clauses.
Coding, decoding, blood relatives, missing series.
Coding, decoding, blood relatives, missing series.
DAY 4-6
Verbs & Pronouns.
Idioms & Phrases.
Active & Passive voice
Percentages & Averages
Ratios & Proportions.
DAY 7-9
Direct & Indirect Speech
Number Ranking
Test of Direction Sense
Simple & Compound Interest.
Time & Speed
Problems on Numbers & Ages.
DAY 10-12
Speed Reading
Auxillary & Modals
Cloze Test
Order & Ranking
Critical Reasoning
Time & Work
Mixture & Alligation
Boats & Streams
DAY 13-15
Para Jumbles
Prepositions, Interjections & Conjunctions
Cloze Test
Alphabet based problems
Profit & Loss
Data Interpretation

DAY 16-18
Cloze Test
Revision of Grammar
Begin Revision:
Chapters 1 - 8
Chapters 1 - 8
DAY 19-20
Cloze Test
Revision Tests
Chapters 9 - 12
Chapters 9 - 14
DAY 21-29
Practice Mock 1 – 9
& Analysis
Practice Mock 1 – 9
& Analysis
Practice Mock 1 – 9
& Analysis
DAY 30
Take more mock tests to make you perfect.
Take more mock tests to make you perfect.
Take more mock tests to make you perfect.

To crack the SBI PO, you need to be really focused. None of the questions are straight-forward, so work on the aptitude & reasoning chapters with concentration. Make reminder notes of errors made while giving mock tests and remember to pay extra attention to them. It is imperative that you solve as many mock practice papers as you can so that you can analyze and know your weaknesses. 

In SBI PO exam, speed is of great essence. During SBI PO Preparation or SBI PO Preliminary Exam Preparation, practice to speed-read online to become proficient at it and this will give you an advantage during the exam. Train your mind so that you can attempt more questions in a short time. During mock papers, time yourself and focus on areas in which you are slow.

When you begin to take mock sets, put a time limit and work towards achieving it. If you follow these guidelines, you will surely be a winner in the first attempt itself.

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