Thursday, 16 February 2017


The bells have chimed announcing that there are 2313 jobs up for grab! Yes, we are talking about the SBI PO 2017 Notification that has come this week and is one of the most awaited notifications by lakhs of banking aspirants across the country. It’s time to pull up your socks and gear up to ensure that one of those openings is booked for you. Without a doubt, the competition is huge with almost 25 lakh aspirants vying for the openings, but you have to remember that one of those 2313 jobs is definitely yours and there are 2312 extra jobs! With 11 weeks to go for the preliminary exam, it is not just hard work but hard work coupled with smart work and effective use of techniques and strategies along time management that will set you apart from the remaining applicants.

For you to be a Probationary Officer by August 2017 there are various doors to be unlocked before you finally reach the treasure. The first door is the where you will face the maximum competition, almost at the ratio of thousand applicants for every one seat, however, this should not unnerve you but only push you further to make sure you do the right things. The journey after that, to be a part of 2313 candidates, is much easier because the number of competitors is down by almost 500%. A well planned methodical approach over a span of eleven weeks is enough for people to climb Mount Everest, so just imagine the feats that you can achieve! The biggest demon you have to overcome is for you; you need to believe not only that you can but that you will do it.

So what you waiting for? It’s time to step up, get yourself together and practice the right set of questions with the right technique and guidance and be successful because you can and you will.
Stay tuned for our regular updates to help boost your preparation.

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  1. How can I Apply for SBI Recruitment 2017, tell me age criteria, actually I completed my graduation in 2013. SO I just want to check that i am eligible or not for SBI Recruitment 2017