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SBI PO 2017: 7 Things You Must Know

SBI PO 2017

Wake up! Wake up! The trumpet has sounded! The State Bank of India has put out its notification for the recruitment of Probationary Officers and the online registration has kickstarted on the 7th of February 2017.

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If you are a graduate or in your final year, let’s get going! This is one of the most awaited recruitments because it’s a dream job by any standard.

#1 Super Bank of India!

The SBI has had glorious innings of more than 2 centuries and is still batting strong. This Grand Dame of the Indian banking industry has changed with the times spearheading technological innovation that has transformed the essence of banking in India. No wonder that SBI is the only Fortune 500 bank from India.

#2 Superwoman power!

The SBI prides itself on its woman-centric approach: women form 20% of the workforce here. The work environment is safe and comfortable. The current chairperson and managing director is Ms. Arundhati Bhattacharya: need more be said?

#3 Super salary

The starting monthly take home salary of a PO is around ₹36000/-. In addition, there’s a house rent reimbursement up to ₹29500/-. Other benefits include Medical Aid (100% for self and 75% for family), leave fare concession (paid holiday) and loans at concessional rates of interest.

These are the reasons why working as a PO in SBI is the stuff made of dreams. And it IS the dream of 10 to 15 lakh hopeful graduates every year.

#4 Test of knowledge, skill and endurance

The online test is divided into the preliminary and main examinations. Go through the schedule here and you will get to know the minutest details of what is needed to write the exams.

#5 Here’s what is not in the fine print:

The prelims need 100 questions to be answered in 1 hour: that means 36 SECONDS for each question.

Lucky or skilled enough to get through this? Enter the lion’s den for the mains!

The mains require you to answer 155 questions in 3 hours: this works out to about 1 minute and 10 seconds per question. DON’T breathe a sigh of relief thinking it’s more time. This is the mains, the test by fire! The questions are NOT easy-peasy. The time allotted to EACH section is limited and there’s no going back for a second try once the time is over. You’ll have to be in top form for 3 whole hours:  strain on your brain must not make you falter and fumble.

Then there’s the big pitfall of negative marking. Don’t think that you can guess your way into passing the mains. 1/4th of the marks allotted to the question will be cut for wrong answers. This holds good for both the prelims and the mains.

#6 Mop your brow

Breaking out in a sweat at the very thought? Well, cool down and get savvy.

You have 2 months to prepare for the preliminaries and 4 months to gear up for the main exams. Use them wisely.

Enroll in a programme conducted by one of the most experienced trainers in the field of banking who will prepare you rigorously for success.

The online platform is technologically superior: video lessons, live problem-solving sessions and invaluable reference material will sharpen your skills.

The experience TalentSprint brings to the table will help you concentrate on what is important to crack the exams: practice tests will give you a workout like nothing else can. Mock tests will mimic the real ones and will give you a fair idea of your relative position.

Forewarned is forearmed: your trainers will help identify your weak points and transform them into strengths.

#7 Don’t lose your nerve

You have to learn to perform under pressure. The best of skills and knowledge go for a toss when a small stumble is enough to plunge you into despair. Professional coaching equips you with the skill to think like lightning. It gives you the confidence to keep your cool. It gives you the endurance to keep your brain cells working at their most efficient from start to finish.

There are some things that are so important in life that you must go all out to give it your best shot. You can acquire the talent and race right ahead leaving your competition far, far behind. Many have already done it: we at TalentSprint boast of a 75% success rate based on our student survey.

Don’t lose this race, there’s no time like the present with barely 2 months till the sand slips out of the hour glass. Register now!

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