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10 Pointers for SBI PO 2017 Application

 Application Process

The much awaited SBI PO 2017 recruitment call has been notified!

It’s all over the internet. Students in their final graduation year are talking about it excitedly. Graduates with aspirations have been preparing with eager anticipation. The not-so-lucky candidates who hadn’t made the grade earlier are ready to try their hand yet once again. Hope rises high, and the air is feverish with excitement.

Come down to earth: there’s plenty to be done even as your preparations need to step into top gear.

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Let’s take a look at the SBI PO 2017 application process. The last date for this is March 6, 2017.

The entire process and FAQs are available on the SBI official site. These have also been reproduced across cyberspace repeatedly. Overdrive? Information blitz? Read on for some helpful hints which are precise and concise.

We, at TalentSprint, will get to the heart of the matter and stress a few important points which you will find useful, especially if you are a first timer.

#1. DO NOT wait until the last minute to apply and register. This job is in such high demand that there are lakhs of aspirants and the traffic to upload is going to be very high.

#2. The whole process is an ONLINE one. So the first thing that you will need is a good internet connection with an uninterrupted power supply so that you can complete the registration and application with no hitches. You can use a good and reliable internet café if this facility is not available elsewhere. The browsers specified are Internet Explorer 9 or above, Mozilla Firefox 3.0 or above, Google Chrome 3.0 or above with javascript enabled.

#3. Get a valid Email ID. All communication will be routed through this ID. Your Email ID must remain active until SBI completes the entire selection process.

#4. The State Bank of India is a public sector bank, and its recruitment is guided by our government’s social objectives. There are jobs reserved for several categories: details are clear in the notification. Do get the necessary certificates ready before applying. Also, once you apply in a particular category, this cannot be changed. So take good care of the relevant documentation.

#5. These are the basics of the SBI PO application process:
  •  Click on SBI’s website
  •  Apply online by filling in the form
  • Upload your photograph and signature as per specifications. DO NOT exceed the required file size or you will not be successful.
  • Pay the fees online using any one of the various options available
  • Submit the form
#6. Choice of a centre for the SBI PO 2017 examination: The notification offers 34 centres. A candidate must choose two sets of centres, one each for the preliminary examination and the main exams. We advise that you choose at least one major city centre in case of cancellation of smaller centres for some reason. SBI reserves the right to allot, cancel or change centres.

#7. Save the application form as you go along and a provisional registration number and password will be generated. NOTE THEM DOWN as you will need them later, for example to edit.

#8. Fill the SBI application form with care. As long as you do not click the ‘submit’ button, you can make corrections using the provisional registration number and password but not after you submit the data.

#9. Your registration is only provisional until you make the online fee payment using any one of the several options. An e-receipt and the SBI application form duly filled are generated once this is successful. Print these and keep them for your record.

#10. Be Careful with your signature for uploading. Do not try fancy signatures which you will find difficult to repeat. The uploaded signature will be printed on the call letter and other places. If you cannot match it again, you will be disqualified. So stick to something simple like writing your name in running hand.

These pointers will help to ease the process of applying for SBI PO 2017.

Keep your prepping going at all times. Time seems to be competing with Usain Bolt now, and it won’t be very long before the preliminary examination date has arrived!

Crack these SBI PO 2017 examinations with the best of guidance and coaching from an experienced Trainer with a proven track record. There isn’t much time, but enough for you to prepare to make a difference.

Let Team TalentSprint help you now!

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