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What is the Benchmark eLitmus Percentile to get a call from Top IT Companies?

eLitmus percentile
eLitmus is popularly known as the pH test conducted on a national level by India’s largest fresher evaluation and recruitment body. It is a pen & paper aptitude test, designed to be completed in 2 hours. Mere academic reports and course certificates do not tell about a candidate’s technical, aptitude and reasoning skills.

But with an eLitmus score, this problem is solved, as the scores are helpful for candidates to highlight their skill sets and at the same time for companies to shortlist candidates for an interview. The pH test score is in percentile & helps candidates benchmark themselves against the national talent pool. Candidates can use this score to apply to IT companies up to a period of 2 years.

eLitmus Percentile

A common misconception is to equate percentile to a percentage. But they are vastly different. If say candidate A, has scored 92 percentile in the pH test, it means 92% of pH test takers have scored less than him and 8% of the test takers more than her. Say there are 1,00,000 test takers in the said year, then 8% of candidates, that is 8,000 in all, are above candidate A.

How to score a good percentile in the pH test

To score a good percentile in eLitmus, attempt only those questions that you are sure of. Try to avoid negative marks, as in the percentile criteria, the accuracy of your answers is what matters.

Each of the 3 test sections consists of 20 questions each. Do not try to solve all the questions. Choose to answer only those you are confident about. If your goal is to score a 90 percentile, then 10 questions plus is enough to attempt in each section. You must ensure that your score is not bogged down by the negative marking scheme, which is considered Section Wise and not on the Complete Test. So choose the right questions and answer them wisely.

Score Calculator for eLitmus:

Quantitative aptitude section:

  • Up to 10 Marks(1 correct question) : 40+ percentile
  • Up to 20 Marks(2 correct question) : 50+ percentile
  • Up to 30 Marks(3 correct question) : 75+ percentile
  • 60+ marks : 95+ percentile

Reasoning aptitude section:

  • Up to 20 Marks(2 correct question) : 40+ percentile
  • Up to 30 Marks(3 correct question) : 50+ percentile
  • Up to 40 Marks(4 correct question) : 65+ percentile
  • Up to 50 Marks(5 correct question) : 80+ percentile
  • 60+ Marks : 95+ percentile

Verbal aptitude section:

  • Up to 20 Marks(2 correct question) : 20+ percentile
  • Up to 60 Marks(6 correct question) : 60+ percentile
  • Up to 90 Marks(9 correct question) : 85+ percentile
  • Up to 100 marks : 90+ percentile
  • 120+ marks : 95+ percentile 
Make sure that you score above zero marks in each section. For getting a call from an MNC or a Top billing IT company you should score 120 + marks in the exam i.e. have an 80+ percentile in all the three sections.

 Since choosing the questions wisely is the key to scoring high in this test, it is advisable to be guided by experienced coaching professionals like TalentSprint. Such preparation can not only help with the right material to study but also the right shortcut techniques to solve complex problems on the main day.

 Join and get set to score high for entering the dream IT company of your choice.

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At 23/04/2017, 12:15 , Blogger saurav nayak said...

Company Checks for score or percentile..
I have total ph score of 127.6
verbal 78 82%
PS 26 74%
Quantative 23 72%
What are my chances for getting call?


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