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What it takes to enter a Government Teaching Job

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Teaching is believed to be a noble profession. School teachers impact the lives of children in many ways, helping children realize their potential.  With this in mind, the Government has adopted a policy of educating every child with basic education.  Working towards this the Government has opened up the educational sector in a big way with an increase in the number of Government schools and appointment of Government school teachers.

With the upheaval in the global economy and the uncertainty in the national job market, a Government job gives one, a safety net. The youth of today looking for a secure job in order to have a secure future find their search ends, when they land a Government job. Though once teaching was an underrated profession, in the Government sector, teachers are paid very well.

The qualification of teachers varies with the level of education. The teachers of primary education need to have at least passed 12th Boards.  For teaching at secondary level at least graduation from university is required, and for teaching higher secondary students at least Post-Graduation is required.  Any subject can be chosen at the graduate or post-graduate level. A B.Ed. is required to start teaching in a school whereas college teachers have to complete their post-graduation as well as clear the UGC-NET Examination in the subject one is interested in.

If one wants to get selected in a Government school, they need to qualify with certain tests. Some of them include,
  • BTC – It is also known as Basic Teaching Certificate. Nowadays it has become mandatory for all the teachers to hold this certificate.
  • CTET – It is also known as Central Teachers’ Eligibility Test. This test is compulsory for all teachers to get jobs in Government schools.
  • PTT – It is also known as Primary Teachers Training course. This course helps teachers to develop teaching skills so that they can establish a productive environment for the development of children.
  • NTT – It is also known as Nursery Teacher Training course. This course gives them in-depth knowledge about various ways in which they can motivate children to learn.
Further on they should be majoring in either of the subjects to be able to specialise in their respective field:
  • Business
  • English
  • Science
  • Environmental Science
  • Foreign Language
  • Social Studies
  • History
  • Math
  • Arts
  • Computer Science/Information Technology
One gets to know about the availability of Government teaching jobs through different sources like television ads, newspaper ads, the internet, etc. with the help of these sources an individual interested in it can apply for the job as per the requirement of qualification, and can then proceed as required.

Since the competition for Govt. teaching jobs is tough, one needs to prepare thoroughly. Candidates need to approach professional coaching platforms like TalentSprint who specialize in preparing students for teaching jobs in both the Govt. and the private sector.

Teachers are guides who shape our life, throughout school, college and beyond. If you are fortunate enough to meet a good teacher during your academics, you remember him or her for the rest of your life. It is not only a satisfactory job but is highly rewarding in terms of salary and perks.
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  1. Every one knows that teacher vacancy is one of the good job and this one is good for women mostly , so here you are presenting such a nice information for every job seeker.