Friday, 9 December 2016

CTET: Guidelines to Crack the upcoming Exam in 2017

CTET Exam 2017

CTET Exam is the Central Teachers’ Eligibility Test conducted by the Government of India. It has been put into place to make sure that the teachers in India are qualified enough for the teaching job. Lakhs of candidates appear for the CTET Exam every year, but only a few of them clear the exam with the required 60 percent pass score.

Here are a few guidelines and tips to help you crack the upcoming CTET Exam in 2017:
  1. Start your preparation early: The next CTET Exam will be held in February 2017. So, you have ample time starting from today. Start preparing for the exam well in advance. This will also give sufficient time for revision. Define your timelines and make sure you adhere to them strictly.
  2. Go through the syllabus: Strategically allocate time as per the topics and identify those that need to be prepared first. These may be topics which are seemingly tough for you or require more time to understand.
  3. Have a focused approach: You need to focus on the important topics like child development and required pedagogy of various subjects which comprise about 60 percent of the questions.
  4. Practice a lot: Regular practice not only raises your speed level but accuracy level too. Hence, refer to as many past question papers as possible. You should also attempt online tests regularly. It helps identify your strengths and weaknesses. Focus more on your strong areas and tread carefully with your weak areas.
  5. Revise wisely: At the time of revision, make sure you focus on topics you have already prepared for. Choose the subjects that you are not comfortable with, identified while preparing, and revise them well.
  6. Attempt mock tests: Regular assessments play an important role in learning. It is important to review these tests after you attempt them, to lock in your learning. So, try to attempt as many mock tests as possible. Institutes like TalentSprint have exam interface tests and many practice and online mock tests for CTET leading to sure-shot success in the exam. The trainers at the Institute can analyse your online mock tests for CTET and help you improve by sending personalised test reports.
Thus, by following the above-mentioned guidelines, you can clear the CTET Exam with flying colours. Further, reputed coaching platforms like TalentSprint have specially tailored courses for CTET to help you not only clear the exam in the first attempt but also achieve an high score, opening doors of opportunity in both the private and the Government schools.

So go ahead and make 2017 your year of launching a great teaching career.

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