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How to know if Banking is the right career choice for you

Banking Career

Do you have the ideal personality profile for a bank job?

Not everyone can be a banker. Hiring managers look for a blend of individual traits as personality indicators in a prospect. Ask yourself if you have the following qualities, and if most of your answers are yes, then you are wired to be a banker.

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Are you organised?

In jobs like these, you have to face constant interruptions, meet daily deadlines and have every information at your fingertips. In such case, be meticulously organised if you want to stay sane. If staying organised all the time is not as challenging for you as it is for most of the others, you are sorted to be an ideal banker.

Do you choose to analyse over assuming?

If your approach to solving problems involves the application of logic and reasoning and you hate to go by assumptions, you perfectly fit the role. Banking is about taking decisions based on analytical thinking rather than your gut instinct. You need to resist that urge to go by your intuition and put your brains at work every time there's a situation, as you have to justify your every decision with a valid reason.

Do you have an eye for detail?

Are you the one who can pinpoint all the nitty-gritty which others often overlook? It can pay you off in your banking career. Your detail orientation may be just what screeners are looking in you for the kind of precision and reliability this job demands.

Can you wait?

These days everyone is looking for instant results, instant money and instant gratification. Most of us want things now. But those who have the virtue to accept delay are the wisest of all. In the banking sector, vesting periods may get long at times, but are often rewarding for the calm and composed bankers. A little patience can be your great companion when you are looking for a successful career in this area.

What does your moral compass say?

With great power comes great responsibility. In this career, one has to deal often with confidential information and money matters. If you live by the principles of living-on-the-edge and if bending some rules seem reasonable to you, then you may be in the wrong space. You can't blame your recruiter if he is trying to test you on the morality grounds for selection.

What's your resilience score?

Experts have said enough about the level of grit and resilience required in these jobs. Tight schedules, hectic working hours, it can get tough and challenging. It's a constant tightrope walk. Only few can survive and deliver results in such atmosphere of high expectations.

Your mental toughness and ability to bounce back in the most stressful situations can be one of your biggest strengths as a banker. If you have that capacity to deal with disruptions, shocks and stresses; and keep adapting and growing, the best banks out there are looking out to hire you.

How amicable are you?

Managing relations these days is not only for the sales professionals. Banking may have a reputation for being a political industry, but it is really about how you interpret. It is about being in everyone's good books, mending fences, invoking trust and being a team player rather than one who believes in elbowing people out of their way. Some of the most successful high-rank bank professionals are known for their congeniality and charm.

What is your style of leading?

Are you bossy or do you believing in empowering those around you? Banks these days need empathetic managers, who care about the impact of their actions on those around them. If your leadership skills involve controlling and driving results aggressively, then you cannot expect a progressive career in banking.

Although it may not be possible for a single person to exhibit all these qualities, yet if your personality type revolves somewhere around these traits, you will make one heck of a banker. Aptitude may have an expiry date, but attitude doesn't. Take pride in yourself for being a perfect material for a bank job. Once you know you have a future in banking, get ready to take your first step towards your dream career. Get started with your preparations for the bank entrance exams today. Seek the best professional guidance to help you pass the entrance.

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Wish you a great career in banking!

Good Luck!
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