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eLitmus v/s AMCAT v/s CoCubes: Which is the Best for Engineering Graduates?

Engineering graduates

Given the fact that these days, only academic reports and course certificates are not enough to judge a candidate’s technical, aptitude and reasoning skills, tests like AMCAT, eLitmus and CoCubes help the company and the candidates to arrive at the right decision related to recruitment. These test scores can highlight the candidates' skill sets and thus, serves the purpose of both companies and the candidates.

However, engineering graduates always find themselves at crossroads when they have to decide between AMCAT, eLitmus, and CoCubes. Here’s what you need to know about each of them, so it helps you decide which one to prepare for.


  • It stands for Aspiring Minds Computer Adaptive Test.
  • It is an employability assessment test to evaluate the aptitude, reasoning and technical skills of students and new graduates from a job perspective. It focuses on entry level jobs for freshers.
  • The test assesses basic aptitude like English, Quantitative Aptitude, Logical Ability and also certain aspects of personality.
  • The sections and modules in the test can be chosen based on the education background. Some modules are compulsory and others are optional.
  • The level of exam is average.
  • Around 700+ premium companies in India use this as a compulsory test for entry level roles. The companies that use AMCAT as their assessment tool include Accenture, Tata Motors, Snapdeal, Axis Bank and many others.
  • The fee of AMCAT Exam is Rs 843.
  • The score card is valid for 3 years.

2) eLitmus:

  • Launched in 2005, eLitmus is the largest fresh graduate evaluation test which helps students get a job. eLitmus is said to be one of India’s largest employability test and has redefined how fresher and entry-level recruitment is done in India.
  • eLitmus conducts Hiring Potential (pH) Test  and evaluates job seekers based on a variety of parameters and grades them nationwide.
  • The eLitmus Test consists of three parts i.e., the Quantitative section, the Verbal section and the Reasoning section.
  • Candidates who score good percentile in the test can use their scores to apply to all participating companies in the IT/Software sector. Big companies like Accenture, IBM, Adobe etc., hire through eLitmus Test.
  • eLitmus is a good platform for those students who are from small colleges because there is no proper placement facility for many Engineering colleges in India.
  • The fee of eLitmus Exam is Rs 920.
  • The score card is valid for two years.

3) CoCubes:

  • As compared to the other two, it is a little less popular exam but attracts companies like GE etc.
  • It is an entry level exam for freshers. It measures employability across all domains from programming to plumbing.
  • This exam helps the companies to reduce their interview bandwidth using the central assessment platform and it also helps the candidates to move ahead on their career path.
  • The pattern of the exam is same as AMCAT but differs in the level of difficulty.
  • The subjects included in CoCube Test include Quantitative Aptitude, Analytical Reasoning, English Usage and Domain Test.
  • Being a lengthy exam, time management is crucial to crack this.
  • The fee of CoCubes Test is Rs 1500.
  • The score card is valid for one year.
Thus, all the three exams have their own importance and engineering graduates can choose any one depending on their calibre and the company in which that they want to launch their career. In order to be better equipped for AMCAT, CoCubes, and eLitmus, candidates can look forward to advanced coaching platforms like TalentSprint for some cutting edge guidance and preparation from India’s popular faculty team. They even help students with placements post the training session.

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