Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Campus Placement Opportunity for IT Students: How to make the best impression?

Opportunity for IT Students

Let’s face it. Your first job after your college is your first step towards shaping your career. It prepares you for your second, third and more jobs to follow. It is bound to have an extraordinary impact on your future career opportunities and earnings.

So what’s your direct gateway to your first IT job? Forsooth, campus placement drive is your firsthand opportunity to all those top IT companies you have been aspiring for.

In no time placement season will arrive. How are you going to make the recruiters pick you over several other candidates? Delay no more. Chalk out an action plan that can get you there. Have your kick at the can with the following tips on what impresses the recruiting managers the most.

Do your research

Interviewers hate it when you are not updated with the company’s background. Look up the list of the visiting companies, shortlist the ones that interest you and channelize your research. Understand the business model, domain, strengths and growth pattern, of just your target companies instead of attempting to prepare for all the visiting companies. Scan important details and any recent developments about them. Knowing more about your prospective employers will surely give a boost to your performance in the interview.

Get in touch

Once you know who your recruiters are, you can go an extra mile and initiate contact with them. We don’t ask you to stalk them but you can show your sincere interest by liking their facebook page or dropping a message to the recruiters letting them know that you are looking forward to meet them. How about the interviewer recalling, “Wait I know him, he is the one one who recently followed me on Twitter.” Having a stamp in the employer’s memory is already a plus.

Dress the part

Unpolished shoes, wrinkled shirt or unkempt hair, nothing can save your chance of selection from getting ruined. How you present yourself has a huge impact on your chances of getting shortlisted. Do your research and choose an outfit which is appropriate given the industry or company standards, your geographic location and weather.

Leave a mark with your attitude

You may be an expert in technology hacks, or may be a university topper, but you don't have deep business experience like your employers. Your attitude plays a bigger role than your abilities in selection for any kind of job. Respect the interviewers, don't show off, don't get into any sort of argument, refrain any annoying habits like shaking legs, repeating questions, use of pet phrases. Greet with a smile, follow the etiquettes and watch your body language. Bowl them over with your positivity and confidence.

Apply presence of mind

Recruiters may try to intimidate you by asking a simple question in a twisted manner, or by asking an off beat question altogether. In such situations, your common sense can come handy. Don't let the nervousness lead you to dumbfoundedness when interviewers try to confuse you. Stay calm, composed and present in the moment.

Communicate effectively

Practice clarity and concision when answering to the interview questions. Moreover, importance of English language in these interviews can not be overlooked. Fluency in English language has today become a prerequisite for these interviews. Polish your language and don't let it become your hurdle.

Show them how you are different

Thousands of others have their eyes on the same job as you. They all have a degree and most of them know their subjects well. So, what are your chances of getting singled out? Sadly, not much, unless you do something others aren’t doing. Something beyond academics and something of your own. How about taking up that app development idea that has been chasing you for some time? Or getting done with that backup management software you left incomplete few months back?

Be it small, but take initiatives apart from your curriculum. Make sure to have it in your resume and draw the interviewer's attention to the same. Showcase your awards, honours, participation in workshops, seminars, and sport and cultural events to let them know that you are more than just another bookworm. But make sure you do not exaggerate. Interviewers will appreciate your straightforwardness rather than over-the-top responses.

Touch base with interviewers

An interviewer wouldn’t mind getting a warm thank you note from a candidate. Be that candidate who follows up and reminds that he’s interested in the opportunity. You may even refer to something specific from the interview and differentiate yourself from your competitors.

Excelling in campus placements might be easier than what you had thought. Keep the above tips in mind and make sure your impression on the decision makers is just right. Also, check out how TalentSprint master trainers can polish you to face the campus placements. Stay tuned with TalentSprint for many more tips to help you get ahead in your career.

All the best!

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