Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Why do most Candidates Fail in IT Job Interviews?

IT job interview

IT job interview is not an easy nut to crack. Even the best of the candidates fail at this stage. Your resume might talk a lot about you but are you ready to match not only what you've put down on your resume but interviewer’s expectations as well? It goes without saying that today, in this highly competitive world, employers are very particular about who they hire and hence, even a small mistake can take away the bright opportunities.

Here is a look at why most candidates fail in the IT job interviews.

Reason 1

Not researching enough about the company and the job profile for which candidates have applied for:

The interviewer expects the candidates to have basic knowledge about the job and the company that they have applied for. If he/she is clueless, then it leaves a bad impression on the interviewer and lets them think that the candidate is not serious at all.

Reason 2

Not having a proper certification:

Let’s admit it. This is the age of competition. Your Engineering degree is as good as the guy next to you. But certain certifications can set you apart. If you have a score from AMCAT, CoCubes or eLitmus, it sets you apart from the rest of the crowd. A higher score indicates a better employability. Many blue chip IT companies today ask for such certifications and may even reject you if you don’t have one.

Reason 3

Inappropriate dressing:

‘First impression is the last impression.’ It holds true even for an IT job interview. The interviewer tends to judge the candidate in the first few seconds. Inappropriate dressing could be one of the biggest reasons for the best of the candidates failing in the IT job interview. Candidates need not look fashionable or flaunt their expensive clothes; they just need to look well-dressed, professional and polished.

Reason 4

Arriving late:

In today’s professional world, time is considered as respect. If candidates don’t know how to respect other’s time, they cannot be considered as reliable in their work. Also, it reflects their poor time management skills. Thus, their chances of getting hired reduce.

Reason 5

Not having any Live Project to backup the claim:

All freshers have a tough time explaining their capabilities. This is where those having Live Project experience will have an added advantage. This requires that you work on a project basis in any of the IT companies (regardless of their reputation) to build up a work profile that can demonstrate your ability to work on the area that the company wants you.

Reason 6

Over-explaining the answers:

At times, candidates may beat around the bush or over-explain the answers. This leads to the interviewer thinking that he/she doesn’t have clarity of thoughts and is nervous too. Hence, candidates should answer to the point and stay on track while answering.

Reason 7

Using too many jargons:

Interviewers are experienced professionals and they can easily sense it when the candidates lie or use jargons to cover up their lack of knowledge. Hence, candidates need to be open and honest in their conversations.

Avoid doing these mistakes in your job interview. The better prepared you are, the better are your chances to ace the interview. This usually calls for professional help from Institutes like TalentSprint. The Institute not only will help you secure additional certifications like eLitmus but also prepare you for IT Job interviews.

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