Friday, 7 October 2016

What Not to Do in IBPS PO Exams

IBPS PO 2016

IBPS PO Exam is given by lakhs of candidates every year. This makes the competition difficult and to beat this and get through IBPS PO Exam, it is very important for the candidates to not only know the success formula but also those things that they should avoid.

Over a period of time, we have observed that candidates commit certain common mistakes which can be easily avoided. Here is what not to do in IBPS PO 2016 Exam

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  1. Ignoring the sectional cut-offs:

    In a hurry to attempt all the questions of their favourite section, candidates forget about the sectional cut-offs. Candidates should always remember that getting very good marks in any one or two sections cannot help them to sail well through the exam as it expects them to prove their competence in all the sections and not just one. Thus, candidates should not make the mistake of assuming any one section to be of greater significance as compared to the others.
  2. Not knowing the smart tricks and shortcuts:

    The use of lengthy problem-solving methods can also lead to failure. It goes without saying that there is immense pressure to complete the IBPS PO Exam with speed and accuracy. Hence, if candidate’s problem-solving methodology is not appropriate, then there are chances that they won’t be able to finish the exam on time. Thus, wherever possible, candidates should use shortcuts and other time-saving tricks to finish the sections with precision. To learn shortcut techniques you can begin with this video series  
  3. Improper time management:

    Taking more time to solve any question can also turn out to be a big disaster during the exam. In fact, one of the common mistakes made during IBPS PO is the mismanagement of time. So, before the exam, candidates need to spend a minute or two to go through all the questions and decide about the time to be invested in each section. Thus, this way, candidates can keep away from the tendency of improper time allocation.
  4. Solving difficult questions first:

    Solving the difficult questions first can also be one of the biggest mistakes of the candidates. Hence, candidates should quickly ascertain the difficulty level of the questions and then attempt it. There is no point in proving your ego. Even if a question is the kind you have practiced very often, if you feel it is going to consume a lot of time, it is better to skip and come back if time permits.
  5. Playing the guessing game:

    Guessing the answers even after knowing that there is negative marking can prove dangerous for the candidates. They should always remember that for every incorrect answer, they will lose 0.25 marks. Also, the preparation should give a candidate an innate understanding of one’s strength. Candidates usually know the sections which they hate or are very uncomfortable with in spite of repeated practice. Such self-observation can help a candidate sift through the paper quickly and find out which questions to attempt first, saving time and also boosting confidence.
The mistakes discussed in this blog are some of the most common ones made by the candidates in IBPS PO. Focussing on reducing the number of such avoidable mistakes can help you a great deal in maximising your exam score, thereby paving the way for your success. For further guidance on how your score can be improved, you can take help from institutes like TalentSprint.
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