Thursday, 20 October 2016

What can go wrong while preparing for AMCAT, CoCubes & other top IT company exams?

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In the present times, IT industry is one of the fastest growing industries. With the growth of this industry, job opportunities are also increasing. However, it is not easy to get an IT job. As for the companies, there are thousands of candidates who apply for these jobs and it is very difficult for them to select the right candidate from the huge number of resumes they receive. Also, these days, only academic reports and course certificates are not enough to judge a candidate’s technical, aptitude and reasoning skills. In such a scenario, aptitude tests like AMCAT, eLitmus, CoCubes, etc., can easily help solve the issue. These test scores can highlight the candidates' skill sets and thus, serve the purpose of both the companies and the candidates.

Thus, candidates need to prepare for these tests really well. They should know what can go wrong while preparing for AMCAT, CoCubes, eLitmus and other top IT company exams. Following are some mistakes that need  to be avoided.

1. Not having the latest syllabus for study:

IT industry, being dynamic, keeps upgrading its knowledge materials. To ensure you access the latest study materials, approach professional coaching Institutes like TalentSprint. Being insiders, they always keep their study materials up to date and in tune with the latest developments in the industry.

2. Not practicing enough:

It is possible that you have the study materials and are thorough with the theory. But without practice, you will not be able to attempt the final exam with efficiency. Take professional help in attempting mock tests and also getting performance reports that will help you to better your preparation.

3. Following the order of questions:

It is a common thing to notice that when there is no negative marking, candidates try to attempt all the questions from the beginning to the end in objective tests and then complain about insufficient time to solve the paper. Also, a majority of the candidates have the habit of mechanically attempting the questions from the beginning. However, this approach can lead them to failure. Thus, before attempting the questions, candidates should take one or two minutes to go through all the questions and attempt the easy ones first. This can not only boost confidence but also help the candidates in completing the test within the time limit.

4. Attempting lengthy or difficult questions:

As against other competitive exams, candidates get only a few seconds to solve each question in AMCAT, CoCubes, eLitmus and other top IT company exams. Thus, if candidates opt to solve the lengthy questions first, then they may lose time. This can result in simple questions being left unanswered . Hence, completing the short or simple questions first is very important for the candidates. This aids in attempting a good number of questions overall in the exam.

5. Looking for pen and paper for doing simple calculations:

If candidates opt for pen and paper to do simple calculations rather than doing mental calculations, then they are bound to lose and this can cost them dearly in the exam. Hence, it is required that candidates should memorise simple tables, squares, cubes and learn other shortcut methods.

Get professional coaching

In order to avoid these mistakes and be better equipped for AMCAT, CoCubes, eLitmus and other top IT company exams, candidates can look forward to professional institutes like TalentSprint. They can help the candidates prepare well through mock tests, latest study materials and on-demand guidance delivered even online.

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