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Soft Skills that make a Difference in Banking Career

Soft skills Technical skills may get you the job, but soft skills can make or break your career. Be it any industry the one skill that has become a must to excel in a career opportunity is soft skills. It is usually found that 75% of job success is usually dependent on soft skills and only about 25% on technical skills.

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Soft skills are nothing but your people skills that take you a long way in creating a good impression with not only just your clients but also among the team members and management. As soft skills have a 360 degrees’ impact, in the current hiring procedure Banks and Financial institutions seem to be giving high importance to the individual’s soft skills. Though soft skills are a must in all industries, soft skills can truly take you a long way if you are planning for a long, sustainable and successful career in the banking industry.

Soft skills encompass a wide range of psychomotor skills, but here are some key soft skills that one should inculcate if one wishes to flourish in the banking sector:

1. Speaking confidently:

Communication is all about being able to present your thoughts and ideas to another person with clarity and precision. Once you achieve this, the next important aspect is to present these thoughts confidently. Speaking clearly and confidently helps build trust among clients and respect among peers.

2. Being empathetic:

In a service industry like the banking industry, it is essential to nurture empathy. Empathy is all about having the ability to think from the other person’s perspective. This quality is a must for customer relation and brand building. Being empathetic helps service customers better, understand colleagues, and align oneself with Management objectives.

3. Time management:

Time is money. In the current scenario wherein every second matters, it is essential that you respect the time and are prompt in giving service and perform within the set deadlines. Time as money is best reflected in the financial services industry where every day counts and can impact both transactions and relations.

4. Being assertive:

Many a times assertiveness is misunderstood with being aggressive. But assertiveness is all about speaking your mind openly but politely. This is a must in the banking industry because every day you can be assured of coming across different kinds of clients with different minds. Sometimes, it would need a lot of effort to convince a client; in such a situation assertiveness comes to your rescue. Being firm yet polite and saying “NO” when it is required is an art in itself. However, it can be learnt with practice and thus it is also a skill.

5. Team management:

No business has been a one-man show, success lies in teamwork. Therefore, it is essential to know how to perform in teams. Right from the beginning, one may be a part of one or the other teams in the bank. It is important to understand the objectives of the team, understand how each team member contributes and their respective attitudes. Achieving team goals by balancing one’s act within a team requires teamwork. And great teams alone can win customer hearts and market share.

6. Relationships management:

Businesses flourish only because of relations, and this is literally true in the Banking sector. With competition heating up and schemes and programs of banks being copied across, the one thing that will make a Bank stand out is its relationship with customers and stakeholders. And these relations are forged by people in the bank. Gone are the days where clients were looked as mere sources of business. In the current scenario, one satisfied client can be the source for many more clients. Therefore, networking and relationship management has become a great marketing tool.

These are the broad soft skills needed for an individual aspiring to excel in the banking sector. Soft skills is an art and it can be learnt and honed. There are many institutes that enable you to develop these skills but TalentSprint is one such place that gives you a comprehensive and interactive soft skills training module that enables you to build a successful career in the banking industry.

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