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Nail that dream IT company selection with these pointers

Nervous about your interview?
Don't worry; you are not alone.
The majority of the candidates deal with pre-interview anxiety especially when it is one of the most decisive points of their career. It 's okay to have uncertainties on what to do and what not to do when you face the interview. You have got a short time to sell yourself. Make it count with these tips at your disposal,

1. Luck favours the prepared

How you prepare plays a significant role on how you ultimately perform in the interview. As you get ready for the big encounter, these tips can be handy.

Say yes to:
  • Doing exhaustive research about the company.
  • Studying the Job description and specifications.
  • Finding out about the latest trends in the industry.
  • Preparing with evidence and examples of your skills and competencies.
  • Being sure about the distance and walking into the interview venue at least 20 mins prior. Carrying relevant documents and the additional copies of resumes.
Say no to:
  •  Freaking out; this job may be important, but it isn't the last job on the planet.
  •  Forgetting to update your resume with anything recent.
  •  Lying on the resume. Hiring managers hate it.

2. What to wear?

Be careful of what your interview attire is saying about you. You don't want to stand out for wrong reasons. Look as professional as possible from the outset with these simple tips.

Say yes to:
  •  Trying your outfit beforehand to make sure the fit and look are appropriate.
  •  Taking the weather into account while choosing the outfit.
  •  Being presentable and meticulous with every detail - from your hair to nails to the shoe.
  •  Opting for simple and formal accessories if you must.
Say no to:
  •  Dressing down to anything even remotely casual.
  •  Wearing clothes with wrinkles.
  •  Wearing anything uncomfortable.
  •  Showing up with unkempt hair.

3. Say it with body language

When the nerves begin to get better of you, how do you hide that fidgeting? And exhibit confidence?
Good news is body language can be controlled. Interviewers judge you by how you behave not how you feel. Use it to your advantage by following these easy suggestions,

Say yes to:
  •  Walking in with confidence.
  •  Offering a firm handshake, neither too weak nor too strong.
  •  Sitting up straight alongside avoiding being too stiff.
  •  Keeping your head up and maintaining an eye contact.
  •  Smiling and keeping your energy levels high as it makes you more likeable.
  •  Keeping a watch on your hand gestures, which is fine if you don't overdo it.
Say no to:
  •  Slouching as it can make you look uninterested.
  •  Crossing your arms and legs as it often gives a negative impression.
  •  Staring. Eye contact is good, but you must remember to blink so as not to seem intruding.
  •  Playing with objects. You may not know you're doing it, but take special care to avoid it.
  •  Fidgeting or moving around too much as you‘ll look uncomfortable if you do so.
  •  Keeping your hands in your pockets.

4. Some manners to impress

Your behaviour is as important as your resume, experience, and technical abilities. Employers are usually looking for the human qualities. Manners and Etiquettes are the underlying foundations of healthy relationships, and ultimately business success.

Say yes to:
  • Turning off your mobile phone.
  • Greeting the interviewers with courtesy and respect.
  • Address their names with right title and pronunciation
  • Standing behind a chair until you are prompted to sit down, or politely ask where to sit.
  • Placing your personal belongings under your chair rather than on table
Say no to:
  • Being late and forgetting to inform the interviewers.
  • Using slang and pause words.
  • Answering phone calls during the interview.
  • Delving into sensitive subjects such as religion or politics.
  • Bringing up personal matters or family problems.
  • Bad-mouthing your former employers or colleagues.
  • Arguing with the interviewer, no matter what.
  • Doing anything that makes you look uninterested.
  • Smoking or chew gum.
  • Going in for a hug.

5. When facing the questions

Though you can't be prepared for every eventuality, yet remember these points when you answer the questions.

Say yes to:
  • Understanding the question well before answering
  • Answering succinctly and truthfully.
  • Exhibiting your research and achievements in an accurate & sincere way while answering.
  • Asking politely to repeat the question if you didn't get the question clearly.
  • Maintaining your grace while you answer questions deliberately posed to trip you off.
Say no to:
  •  Lying. Ever.
  •  Over answering.
  •  Taking long pauses while answering the question.
  •  Answering with a plain yes or no as answers.

6. What is your exit plan?

What you say towards the closure of the interview will linger in the interviewer's mind impact your selection. Know what to and what not to ask/say towards the concluding point,

Say yes to:
  • Asking intelligent questions about job requirements, company or industry.
  • Indicate that you are interested in the job.
  • Being prepared with your salary expectation when asked.
  • Asking the next step in the process.  
Say no to:
  • Enquiring about vacations, bonuses, salary, and other benefits before they roll out the offer to you.

7. After the interview

Your hard work does not end once the interview is over. Carry out an effective follow up with these points in mind,

Say yes to:
  • Noting down crucial details immediately after the interview
  • Writing a thank you mail to every person who interviewed you within 24 hours.
  • Waiting for some days
Say no to:
  • Following up aggressively; a subtle follow up is enough.
If you sincerely follow the above along with professional training, then you will have an excellent shot at landing in the company of your choice. Turn to TalentSprint for an exceptional pool of master trainers who can polish you like none other.



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