Friday, 7 October 2016

How to Grow Your Teaching Career Beyond Experience: The CTET Factor

CTET for teaching career

Teaching young minds can be extremely satisfying, but it is to be understood that teaching is a demanding job. To excel in the teaching career one must have the right mix of specific skills, subject knowledge, and experience. Therefore, it is to be understood that teaching is much more than what it seems like and so having an experience is not sufficient.

CTET (Central Teacher Eligibility Test) is a widely accepted teacher certification, that declares an individual to be a qualified teacher. Therefore, this is that one exam that every individual irrespective of his/her experience needs to take and excel to make a long-term career in teaching.

So what makes CTET a must:
  • Thorough understanding of the syllabus:

    What we learnt during our school or college days was not same during the next two years. Such dynamic is the education system. It is essential for an aspiring teacher to know the current syllabus, the new teaching techniques, understanding child psychology and much more that makes teaching effective. Studying for CTET improves understanding of pedagogy and individual subject matter and actual application of these subjects. 
  • Easy access to Government jobs:

    Though for aspiring teachers there are many avenues, clearing CTET opens up wide teaching options in the Government sector which in turn have many benefits like job security, respect, good working hours, better work-life balance and much more. CTET qualified teachers can apply to Kendriya Vidyalayas, Navodayas, State Government schools.
  • Other job avenues open up:

    Apart from Govt. and Govt. aided institutions, CTET qualified teachers can apply to many private schools like CBSE schools, which have made CTET almost mandatory.
  • Improved salary packages:

    CTET not only helps you to clearly present your abilities but also helps you fetch a good pay package. In other words, individuals with good CTET scores have the power to get better salaries. In many cases, the salaries offered to CTET qualified teachers compare well to salaries drawn in the corporate sector.
  • A tangible proof of merit:

    Though teaching is a non-tangible skill, CTET helps to make it tangible. With CTET scores, one can actually show how qualified and trained he/she is to teach students. With good CTET scores, the chances of getting selected on merit doubles.
When experience is complemented with the right CTET qualification, one can surely be assured of a great teaching career with long-term growth prospects.

Understanding the power of CTET, many training institutes have come up to help individuals crack CTET with good scores. One such Institute that provides an effective and extensive CTET training is TalentSprint. With highly experienced trainers, TalentSprint has managed to churn out many young teachers. Since they offer courses in both classroom and online mode, teachers in any part of the country can access their world-class study materials and teaching methodologies.

So make the most of the CTET and give your teaching career a long term and fulfilling path. 
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