Friday, 14 October 2016

Here’s what you need to land in your dream teaching job

Imagine.One fine day you head out for a long drive to your favourite sunset point.

You quite like the journey.
But you are more excited about the destination.

Did you just run out of fuel?

You are stuck.
But your heart is still yearning to reach before the sunset.
What are you going to do about it?
Can you just sit there doing nothing if you want to reach on time?

CTET is like fuel for your teaching career if you want to reach your dream destination.
And more importantly, if you want to reach on time.
You may have all the driving experience required, but all you need is some right decisions along the way.

Sometimes landing your dream job can take like forever if you don't take some initiatives.
Look around. You will see several superbly talented teachers dragging their career, year after year, teaching the same batch and the same curriculum with the same institute.  

It's not that they don't love what they do. But what about their growth?

What is it that's holding them from realising their ambition?
What is it that can make them eligible to fit in their dream job?

Central Teaching Eligibility Test (CTET) is an Indian entrance exam for teachers. The purpose behind its introduction was to improve the standards of teaching which it rightly does. If you are not aware of how it can help you, you may be missing on something.  

Lacs of candidates appear for it every year. What is it about qualifying it, which can make it a stepping stone to your success in teaching career?

A government initiative

In 2011, upon realisation of the need to raise the quality of studies for children, the selection process for teachers underwent significant change when the Indian government introduced CTET exams. With more and more qualified teachers on board the education level has revamped ever since.
Being a government initiative, it has high credentials with the government as well as privately run schools. So, once you obtain a CTET a certificate, its name alone can be a ticket to your dream job.

Wide application

All the schools of the Central Government such as KVS etc. consider these exams. It's also applicable to those education institutes which are under the control of union territories. It may also apply to the private unaided schools. If any state decides not to have a state TET exam, it may choose to consider CTET.
Thus having its label to your name can increase your choices for the job you want.

Extended validity of eligibility certificate

Haven't made your mind yet on what would be an ideal job for you? No worries. Take your time, explore your options even after you win in these tests. The certificate received on qualifying has a good seven years validity from the date of declaration of the results.

Score not so impressive?

Don't fret if you couldn't manage to achieve great scores in your first attempt. The number of attempts for acquiring the certificate isn't restricted. You may decide to appear again even if you want to improve your score. Though if you are already practising, you are allowed two years of time to clear the exam, which is still quite good, considering your teaching experience. Your experience makes it easier for you to crack it.

Some more polishing for your skills

So you have it in you to make a great teacher? Agreed!
Why not enhance it further? Preparation alone for these tests can do wonders for your skill building. See the quality of your teaching improve as you learn nuances of teaching prowess as you prepare for these tests

The psychological aspect of it

Both primary and elementary levels have "Child development and pedagogy" as a mandatory subject. It covers topics like principles of the development of children, Individual differences among learners, understanding differences based on diversity of language, caste, gender, community, religion, etc. These subjects help you to understand your students in a better way and thus helping you to teach more efficiently.

So if you are a teacher or aspiring to be one and are trying to secure a good position in your career, you know what to do. Max out your full potential and be an all-star teacher by winning a CTET badge on your shoulder.
But how do you plan to do that?

Check out TalentSprint's online coaching program which is exclusively designed by experts to help teachers like you prepare better and rock CTET.



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