Thursday, 22 September 2016

The Ideal Game Plan for a Successful Teaching Career

game plan

Rewind your memory to your school days and remember your favorite teacher.

It was probably someone who brought subjects alive, who made learning fun, and who had a knack for dealing with every kind of student.

All great teachers have some shared characteristics which set them apart. What is it that they do differently? What are their common attributes? Know what it takes to be successful in the teaching profession before you define your career goals,

1. Perform purposeful teaching

Smart educators have a bigger picture in mind. They know quite well what is it they want to get across the students’ brains. They know what they want out of a particular class. Ideally, the success of your students should be the centre of your practice.

2. Put your creative side to work

Think out of the box! Design lessons in innovative and unconventional ways to get students better involved in the learning process.
Stories, examples, tasks, games and graphics are ever engaging and leave a lasting impression in the mind of students.

3. Know the art of giving feedback

An ideal feedback gives a complete picture of where the students stand, where they lack, what are the areas to improve, it recognizes efforts and performances. Find responses and feedback that are constructive and educative at the same time

4. Ask questions to stimulate understanding

Imparting knowledge should be a two-way process. Keep it interactive by asking more and more questions. Get them something to brainstorm for, so that they arrive at the right answer to the given question.

5. Apply sense of humour

Someone who has the art of getting their point across with a flavour of humour is often the most popular choice amongst students. Be a little humorous to make learning fun. Learn how to tickle that funny bone to make the subject interesting, at the same time learn to keep it healthy and pleasant.

6. Treat each student differently

When dealing with a classroom that consists of cynics, pranksters, never-do-wells, rebels, one has to have a unique strategy for every kind. Learners need space, empowerment and trust to flourish. That is what successful educators give them.

7. Be skillful in communicating

Educating involves a lot of communication - speaking and listening and also reading and writing. The skilled communicators make a great teacher. Understand your students’ needs and help them get better.

8. Never stop learning

Keep yourself upgraded on new methodologies. Find time to educate yourself and embrace new technologies & upgrades. Derive some wisdom from sources like support groups, online communities, conferences or probably a mentor.

9. Have career goals

Like any other profession, a flourishing teaching career needs a well-designed career plan. What subjects you want to teach? What is the earning you expect? Where do you see yourself five years down the line?

10. Love what you do

Spotting a passionate teacher is easy. They make the most mundane topics fascinating. They exemplify vitality and are often in an upbeat mood. And it's almost contagious.

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At 29/09/2016, 18:59 , Blogger said...

Education is a part of our life we gain more education but how should to use this education in your practical life this best way of teaching.
And any learning to admired you to use yourself in any common people, social and your environment.
your blog is very reachful and to motivate anyone and me
well analysis the carrier processes.


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