Wednesday, 7 September 2016

The Advantages of Being a Fresher in the IT field.

IT career

IT industry is probably the only industry where the skill basket changes faster than the one at a grocery store. To stay afresh, the inventory has to be shuffled all the time.

That’s one of the reasons to rejoice if you are a fresher. Now, particularly, is the time that will give you many more reasons to feel good instead of bad if you are a fresher in the IT job market.

Here’s why:

1. Start-up unicorns are flying all around

No matter what the exact reason is, entrepreneurship these days is the hottest it has ever been. Start-ups are mushrooming all over and there’s a mad frenzy to fund, incubate, support and buy new and budding business ideas. Technology is a key part of this start-up storm. Apps and enabling platforms are prime enablers for new ventures, be it in the Silicon Valley or in India. So, if you are a fresher, start-ups are looking for the clean slate you bring in along with the fresh trajectory that aligns with their goals. You also have no heavy price tag or experience-burden attached like other senior counterparts. Plus, this is a golden chance to experiment and perhaps even fail at something that is a breakthrough without investing your own buck in it.

2. The world is speaking new software languages

The earth has spun several times for those still caught in yesteryear languages of Java, C+, Cobol, Mainframes or C++. Today the languages that matter are vastly different and fit well in the new world of cloud, As-a-Service models, DevOps, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Big Data. The outdated ones have made the path for new incumbents like R, Perl, Python, Ruby, Android, HTML 5, native apps, high-definition web/mobile technologies and agile development methods. Also, trends like Hive, Agile Scrum Master, and DevOps are making a new impact in the terrain of programming, app development and database; making freshers in the IT field all the more relevant than ever.

3. More lucrative openings on the prowl

A Gartner prediction has pointed out how cloud computing, analytics, mobility, security etc., would be heavy influencers for IT professionals' jobs and careers in the next 18 months. That throws open a vast field for new skills that match this new world. That’s where freshers bring in a new repertoire with a ready inventory of these strengths. They do not need to unlearn erstwhile skills that seniors might have to. The training and development costs, for freshers, hence are almost negligible in comparison, making them hugely interesting for top hires.

4. Every Ware, Every Where

Even in streams like hardware, there is the advent of IoT, Fog Computing, SDN (Software Defined Networking), PaaS (Platform as a Service), IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) which has led to a huge need of completely fresh blood and brain in this area.

Freshers not only are more attuned to the new demand areas of the industry as professionals but they also belong to a time where they have been weaned on technology from early on, as digital natives. Their approach, mindset, reflexes, comfort, and needs have redefined how the market operates today and they are constantly helping employers crack the code for delighting the digitally-savvy customers of today and tomorrow.

They are quick to learn and with a rich pool of tools and skilling opportunities available on platforms like TalentSprint; these freshers are the best segments for smart employers to hire from. Freshers in IT would do well to take up exams like AMCAT, eLitmus, and CoCubes to become eligible to participate in the recruitment process of these companies offering new opportunities. Their charm lies in the very word that defines them – freshers; and the industry was never in more need of a fresh take on everything than now.

Go ahead with confidence. Go fresh.

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At 15/09/2016, 15:10 , Anonymous Sindhuja said...

Hi I am a Btech(CSE) graduate, passed out in 2014 with a percentage of 60%.
can i get a job in IT field as a fresher.

At 18/09/2016, 02:39 , Blogger Inez Shutts said...

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