Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Little Known Fact: Teaching Can Be a Really Exciting Career!

teaching career

Teaching is perhaps one of the few life choices that one tends to make from the heart, unlike others. Most teachers in this world have picked this space because of sheer passion, or life’s calling, as they call it. Rarely is this career option explained in terms of other tangibles or growth parameters which other career options go by.

But that doesn’t mean that this career is flat or unexciting in comparison. There is a lot that sets teachers apart and way ahead than other professionals if only one looks closer.


1. When you teach, you learn

Every other career starts with a high but goes dull and obsolete after a few years in terms of knowledge. Skills get repetitive, and depth evaporates every passing year as one gets too comfortable in a given track. But that is almost an unthinkable aspect with teaching. Maths, Art, Pottery, Photography, Space Science, Poetry – no matter what is one’s core area, one has to continuously refine oneself as the subject grows and changes. That turns a teacher into an expert of a different category – and that’s something that can be easily tapped into whenever a need or opportunity arises.

2. Teachers live exponentially

Until a scientist discovers a magic drug, it is only a teacher who reserves the privilege of staying an immortal. A teacher leaves his/her mark not only on one student but many. This impact is not limited to a student’s classroom year but touches every life that this student affects in many years of life ahead. If someone wants to actually make a difference in this world, teaching is the easiest and the surest way to fulfill this ambition.

3. The Best Designation

Even CEOs of top-notch companies refer to their teachers with so much awe and respect that it is hard to imagine any other profession carrying so much dignity as this one does. Teaching makes one earn unquestionable respect not only from the student but from the family and friends as well. It is a career where one’s aura and worth only grows without the need to climb any corporate ladders.

4. Flexibility

The way the education system works allows for many quality hours in a day, and months in a year to teachers. They can delve into all this time for personal growth, explore augmentation of knowledge or simply a better work-life balance. Have you ever seen any other professional with that sort of stress-free and flexi life?

5. Intellectual advancement

People in academics get a lot of room to hone their intellectual dimensions. In fact, they are always encouraged to pursue research, studies, and conferences to further their subject expertise. That kind of scope for knowledge is hardly visible in other career lines. People in academics do not toe the line for a given field; they are the ones who define the line which practitioners then follow.

6. Growth factors

In recent years, the profession of teaching has come of age and earned its much-deserved position in being comparative to other fields in monetary aspects. Now people in academics can earn as much, if not more, as their counterparts in other fields. The growth is particularly attractive given the time, learning curve and training phase one needs to spend here. That’s not the case with other professions.

Teachers are no more the boundary folks anymore, wilting away in the background while the world progresses. They are now at the forefront of development and force. They are in the driver’s seat and there is no pulling them back.

And those wanting to enter this profession have a good news. Now they can train themselves to enter this profession and enter prestigious Institutes. Exams like the CTET (which are now the norm in many places for joining) can help you secure a good teaching position. Professional coaching Institutes like TalentSprint have been training both teachers and wannabe teachers alike to clear this CTET exam with a high score.

Try today and make a difference to yours and others’ life!

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