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How to work your way smartly through the CTET Exam along with your existing job?

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Every year lakhs of aspirants compete for the Central Teacher Eligibility Test (CTET) in the hope of building a fruitful teaching career.

How many, however, get past the finishing line?

Turns out that the number is very small. That’s a blatant indication of the fact that the test is as much about smart planning as it is about one’s knowledge base.

Lots of doubts and arguments have existed on the debate of whether those employed  fare any better here. The answer is not easy because perhaps it is not so much about one’s experience or preparation time at all. The whole game is about addressing the test with an intelligent approach and having the toolkit to execute it well.

Here are a few things to keep in mind while preparing for CTET along with your existing job:

1. Work on your weaknesses as well as strengths

All aspirants appearing for CTET would be good and bad at something. The question is – how well do you know your strong areas and weak areas? Do you  know which sections would cost you your precious time? Do you know which sections can earn you some quick and sure-shot points? With the time window of a working professional being lesser for CTET prep, you have to figure out what your own unique combination of strengths and weakness is. Take help from experts and use the ample content available online. Assess yourself in a frank and clear manner before you dive in for preparations.

2. Get the basics well-hammered

A test like CTET attempts to be the yardstick for many fundamentals that a teaching aspirant should ideally be strong at. There’s no compromising the concepts and no short-cuts for knowing what any good candidate should know. Subject foothold and grip on the very essential parts of one’s domain are too vital to be ignored or left for the last minute. Make sure you get enrolled in a program that navigates you through your unique conceptual frameworks. You may have studied these basics a long time back. But now you are called upon to remember and work on it within a short period. This is all the more reason to approach a mentor and guide to sail you through.

3. Polish the accessories

They may look as components on the sidelines, but they can make or ruin any test quite easily. Many skills do not come automatically to candidates despite the knowledge base or experience they command. For instance, time management. It can be quite tempting to forget the tick-tock running in the background but attempting a test is not about answering all the questions; it’s about attempting those that will earn you a leap. Similarly, test strategy and section-planning need to be honed before approaching CTET. Seek help from instruction videos and mock-tests that strengthen your competence in some critical parts of CTET.

4. Practice without mercy

It does not matter whether you have had more experience or less time compared to your non-working counterparts. For any candidate, frequent practice sessions are very important in brushing speed, strategy, and concepts in a progressive manner. No matter how many concepts you tick off unless your mind is attuned to the different scenarios and combinations that surface during a test situation; you would often be caught on a back foot. So take advantage of mock tests as much as you can. Remember, there is nothing like too much practice. At the same time, practising that helps you crack the exam is an art in itself. You have to time it and replicate the entire exam scenario.

People who have jobs can be smarter than those without one. All you have to do is plan well and study smartly. Overall, every test, every year and every candidate would be a bundle of different permutations and combinations. Experts keep track of new patterns, anticipated formats, and tactics that are fluid. Drive your test strategy with a personal tweak and take as much help from people or tools that can accelerate your ambition with CTET.

Luckily TalentSprint’s advanced preparation platform provides you the necessary cushion to hone all the above skills for the big day.

Get Going, now!

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