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How to Prepare for Multiple Aptitude Tests at Once

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A universal predicament of every candidate applying for a job is how to highlight their talent and aptness for the job, where they have to compete with thousands applying for the same job. It is also tough for companies to select the right candidate from the huge number of resumes they receive.  Just academic reports and course certificates do not tell about a candidate’s technical, aptitude and reasoning skills.  Now, with various aptitude tests like AMCAT, eLitmus, CoCubes, etc. this predicament is solved. The scores help highlight the candidate's' skill set, and it helps companies shortlist candidates for the final interview round.  Thus, it serves the purpose of both companies and the candidates.

Some of the types of companies that recognise Aptitude Scores are:
  • Banking Institutions.
  • Financial Institutions.
  • Automobile Companies.
  • IT Companies.
  • Telecommunication Companies.
  • Corporate Companies.
  • Hotels.
  • IT Product Companies and many others
So it makes sense to understand the commonality between these tests. This is done to help relieve the burden of preparing multiple times for different tests. You should be able to appear for any of these exams, without duplicating your efforts.

A majority of companies conduct their Aptitude test online, and they are mostly objective type.

Sections covered under this head are:

Quantitative Aptitude:

This tests the candidate’s concepts of mathematics including Time & Work, Speed & Distance, Algebra, Equations, Progressions, Profit & Loss, Ratios, Averages, etc. 

Analytical Reasoning:

This test consists of Visual Reasoning, Statement & Conclusions, Relationships, Logical Reasoning, Attention to Details, Flowcharts, Data sufficiency, Coding-decoding, Series, Odd one out among others.

Verbal Ability:

This tests a candidate’s command over the English Language.  It consists of Reading Comprehension, Grammar including Articles, Prepositions, Sentence Correction, Speech, Tenses, Synonyms, Antonym, Spellings, Idioms, and Phrases.  Ordering the given sentence which is a part of Sentence Construction and Questions on a given passage to test the candidate’s Comprehension Skills are also critical.
For this section, read as much as you can. Reading will improve your comprehension and also vocabulary.

Optional Module:

This test will consist of Engineering-specific subjects for Engineering students, such as computer science, IT, ECE, EEE, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering and HR (Human Resource), Finance, Marketing, Operations, etc., for MBA students and other branches.

In the Technical part, questions can be from C/C++/JAVA, output finding and error in the code and some OOPS concepts. Some common things you need to prepare from a technical side are Data Structures/Algos, Program Languages e.g. C++, Database, Networks, etc.

To get your dream job and reach greater heights in the IT career, prepare your subjects well either with material available online. The world is advancing and its time you subscribe to a digital program to optimise preparation. 

The above outline of the common elements tying up AMCAT, CoCubes and eLitmus is useful in preparing for all the exams at once. There will, however, be minor variations and the role of a mentor or popular professional expert, from TalentSprint, cannot be ruled out. The courses are specially designed for candidates who wish to land a job in one of the Top Reputed IT Companies.  Their IT Career Trainers and Guides will prepare you for aptitude tests conducted on a national level.  Once enrolled with TalentSprint, you can opt for Online or Pendrive programmes wherein the Expert Trainers take Live Classes and provide topic-wise Video Lessons along with Ebooks and Mock Tests, in the form of a complete preparation package. Get comprehensive coaching with classes, Reference Material, Practice Tests, Interactive Forums, Performance Analysis and Recommendations with Placement Assistance and Placement Drive Updates. They also help you prepare for multiple aptitude tests without duplication of efforts from your end.

Make a smart choice. Get your dream job. 

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