Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Home Maker to a Nation Builder: How to Transform Yourself into a Teacher


Whenever housewives (or a more politically correct phrase: “homemakers”) think of becoming independent there are many ifs and buts as any prominent career would need long working hours due to competition. However, the relief is that for housewives who wish to have a good yet less stress-filled career, becoming a teacher is one of the best options. However, imparting knowledge is an art in itself that can be acquired. Therefore, for all the housewives who wish to become teachers, here are some tips that would help you build your teaching career:

1. Decide on your favourite subject:

To become a teacher, first and foremost one has to decide on the subject you wish to teach. In the current scenario, one can even choose multiple subjects. In other words, first ask yourself what are the subjects that you have liked as an individual and once you zero down the subjects, it is essential to get a formal training in the subjects to understand how the current standards and curriculum of the subjects are. This will help you find part-time jobs, to begin with, where you can start testing your natural flair for the subject.

2. Learn teaching as a science and an art:

As the popular quote says, “All knowledgeable people cannot become good teachers”, it is a skill to be able to share your knowledge in such a way that the students understand. The first step is to build your subject knowledge but the second is to know how to impart that valuable knowledge. Every child has a different level and way of learning. It is essential to know the art of moulding one’s teaching style to suit the learning abilities of the children.

Apart from reading up and viewing materials on the net, also focus on how other teachers teach and engage students. If you are doing a part-time job, request the best teachers of your school if you can attend their lectures. Observe how you can teach, interact and engage the students. 

3. Study child psychology:

Teaching as a profession involves managing children of different thinking abilities and attitudes. As a teacher, one must have the skill to understand the child’s psychology. Apart from reading relevant books related to child psychology, take the natural advantage if there are children at your home. Observe and become a better teacher. 

4. Register online:

There are many online portals like Urban Pro and Indeed who can help you find your first few students. You can teach them online and overcome the fear of public speaking in the initial days. This will help you in honing your subject, give you a valuable experience in teaching and help you gain confidence in teaching more number of students.  

5. Build trust:

A teacher plays an extremely important in not just moulding a students’ academic abilities but also his/her overall personality. Therefore, it is essential that teachers build a bonding with students wherein the students trust the teacher to share their concerns and thoughts openly. As a teacher, you must create a conducive atmosphere that allows students to interact with you freely and gain valuable insights in the process.

6. Aim high:

Not all have the above-mentioned abilities. But it is to be remembered that these qualities can be built over a period of time and with the right guidance. A fairly good knowledge over subjects and a serious interest to learn the nuances is a must. And backing these are many train-the-trainer programs that help you become good teachers. Preparation platforms like TalentSprint provide courses with interactive videos that enable the individuals to explore and understand the art of teaching holistically. With the help of TalentSprint, you can appear and clear exams like CTET which are considered the gold standards for teachers. It will open up new opportunities in both private and Govt. Institutions.

Being a housewife or a homemaker is no longer a disability. It is an opportunity to transform yourself: from a mundane routine to a fulfilling career.
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