Friday, 16 September 2016

Do you have what it takes to be a “Good” Teacher?

teaching qualities

Not everyone can be a teacher. Maybe anyone can. But not everyone can be a ‘good’ teacher.  What is this ‘good’ however? There are some key qualities that mark a strong white-chalk-line between good teachers and average ones. The absence of these qualities can also go to the length of creating bad teachers.

1. Thirst for knowledge and the power to explain

If you are not interested in learning, how can you teach that thing? Both go simultaneously. One has to receive before one can give. Also, the giving side has to be so easy, effortless, simplified and impactful that students enjoy the learning process in turn. When you are in a classroom, you may not have the luxury of a lot of tools or details that you went through but you would still have to explain it to others. So try to master that part well.

2. Patience, and lots of it

Some students would instantly understand what you want to explain. Some may take forever to grasp the exact thought or idea that you want to convey. Some may not even be interested in listening at all in the first place. What will save your day at that time is this - your Patience. If you can deal with a variety of minds, readiness levels and intelligence-categories calmly and carefully, you can make it through.

3. Being empathetic

A given topic can have a lot of angles and contexts. What you learnt at your age and your level may not match with the age-group or mindset of the classroom you face now. Can you tone down the level here to their comfort and understanding? Can you see things as they see and thus explain things to them in their level?

4. Pursuing persistence

Once, twice, thrice. The next day, the day after that and the week after that. Knowledge is a process that can take very long and it would be your task to ensure that its assimilation happens at the right level for a student. You would need to be relentless and hard-working enough to see through the completion of this tough goal. There is no giving up, even if one student or one small doubt remains.

5. Being thorough

A classroom is about questions, curiosity, what-ifs, whys and all that. To explain one thing is just half the job done. Whatever follows has to be dealt with an equivalent effort. You cannot expect to answer those umpteen questions if your own grip on the subject is weak or incomplete.

6. To manage people

Teachers have to deal with students, student groups, parents and other colleagues in the system. One needs to have strong interpersonal skills to deal with a variety of situations and challenges. This also includes decision-making, listening, counselling, problem-solving and strategy-making skills. Good teachers take an extra effort to encourage and direct their students in the right direction.

7. Showing leadership

This may not appear directly but it is a vital part of what makes a teacher. Teachers command a strong room to influence students and handle different groups in a smooth manner. They have to direct them towards goals in a visionary manner, sort out barriers, motivate them adequately and ensure that the journey is enriching for students in a higher sense.

8. Continuous professional progress

Teachers need to progress professionally as well. For this, they need to subject themselves to tests like CTET and aspire for better positions in better Institutes. But since clearing this exam with a high score is relatively tough, one may need the help of professional coaching Institutes like TalentSprint, who can help teachers build great careers.

Being a teacher is not easy but it’s every bit worth the effort. Teachers are not just teachers but a bundle of multi-dimensional skills, approaches, and qualities. They have to be equipped well for every part of the job. Their work is not limited to a classroom but travels far ahead.

Good teachers are hard to find. Not impossible, though. With right training from the right Institutes, you can hope to be one.
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  1. So helpful and resourceful post it is. embrace frustration, desperation; use it as your fuel to get to the next level in life.. Focus on the wonderful result, your vision!