Friday, 30 September 2016

CTET in Just 4 Months?

CTET preparation

Clocks are strange creatures. They hide in the background till the very penultimate moment and then they start ticking dangerously. Similarly, there is no sound that can match the horror of a calendar slipping by.

CTET dates are no exceptions. So what do you do when there is so little time on hand and clocks show no sign of easing off?

Simple: adapt your strategy for this new scenario and get set for the big day with some quick changes.

1. First, prioritise

This is no time to try to fill in every last grain of sand. There is no way you can do that. Some of it will slip by. So learn to let go. Try to pick areas, skills, and problems that carry more weight and leave the rest. If you can score high on significant ones, the trivial ones would not affect you too much.

2. Fix the weak heel

If you are still lying cozily in the comfort zone of your perceived strengths, you better get up and notice what the opposite side is before it’s too late. Your strengths will earn you a good head-start but your weaknesses can pull you back with a greater force. So, close those gaps early on. Take the help of experts and reputed trainers from preparation platforms like TalentSprint and stop avoiding the tough parts till the last minute.

3. Be time-savvy

Most candidates focus so much on the knowledge part that they fail to realise that everything would fall apart unless they can execute their minds well. Tests like CTET would not only check your subject depth but also the way you decide and allocate time amongst various areas. If you think you know everything, great. But have you taken a mock test to ascertain if you can give answers in a time-savvy manner? If not, now is the time. Let mock tests become your guide to proper time management.

4. Stop filling, start stirring

Your bucket may still have space to pour in more stuff but nothing would come handy if you are not good at drinking out of this bucket. Whatever you have learnt needs to be revised. Do not be tempted to assume that whatever goes in will come out automatically. Revision is a very integral part of any test-preparation and CTET is no different. Make sure you revisit areas already covered before attempting new ones.

5. Tap the Pattern

Every CTET is a different challenge in itself but it never hurts to tune you into the way it has worked so far. Taking references from previous years will give you an insight into what examiners seek and how different sections work in tandem. TalentSprint can provide access to previous years’ question banks and also guide in solving them with the right preparation strategy.

6. Make notes

Distill every knowledge area into bites that are snackable. This will make it easy for you to revise the given topic with speed later but what it also does is establish the topic firmly in your mind when you are making a note from it. The way you apply your mind here makes it wired deeply to the topic in question. One advantage with online courses from TalentSprint is that revision and note-making become much easier.

7. Do NOT Panic

Most good candidates fail tragically just because they keep comparing their worth with others. If not anything, they let the perceived lack of time stress them beyond any remedy. Confidence is a hard thing to build and only you can ensure that it is not bent out of shape by unnecessary thoughts. Focus all your energy on the goalpost. Be like a horse, blinkered to everything else. The only word that can beat Clocks and Calendars is incidentally, another C word – Confidence.

So, buckle up and run.

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