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7 Tips to Crack CTET Exam in the 1st Attempt With a First Class Score

CTET preparation

The CTET examination was introduced to set a benchmark for the quality of teachers recruited in Central Government Schools. Now, many private schools are also looking at CTET results before recruiting their teaching staff.  It is now imperative for aspiring teachers to clear CTET with a good score in order to be placed in a leading school.  Luckily, professional coaching and guidance from platforms like TalentSprint, helps you crack CTET in the first attempt with an outstanding score.

CTET is a pen and paper exam that is conducted over 150 minutes. There is no negative marking, but attempting questions in a hurry can make you lose out on marks. There are 5 sections in the exam with 150 questions and each question is set for 1 mark.

It is not enough that you clear the CTET Exam. Remember, it is more important to do your best and get the highest score that you possibly can. So, it is important to keep this in mind while preparing.

You can also take help of these 7 tips to crack the CTET exam in the very first attempt, that too with a first class score:
  1. Preparation:

    Start preparing for the exams well in advance. You should be spending the maximum time you have available studying and preparing for the exam. Get the right books to help you study. Apart from your textbooks, read NCERT books from Class 1st to 10th. Or you can access video lessons & ebooks available TalentSprint for study material and preparation that is fun and easy. Timelines are of great importance here. The next CTET exam will be held in Feb 2017. For scoring well, it is imperative that you start preparation early so that you can cover everything and leave sufficient time for revision. Define timelines and make sure you adhere to them strictly.   
  2. Revision:

    At the time of revision, make sure you focus on topics you have already prepared for. Choose the subjects that you are most comfortable with, and revise them well. Do not try to learn anything from scratch at this point in time. It will just stress you out and reduce your confidence.
  3. Focus:

    Pedagogy can be your trump card in ensuring success. Child Development and required pedagogy of various subjects, together comprise about 60% of questions.  Therefore, if you prepare the pedagogy part well, and answer the questions with around 80% accuracy, then you will surely get a good score.
  4. Decide on a test strategy:

    Decide on your test taking strategy before the exam. Know your strengths and weaknesses. This will ensure that you don’t go about wasting time with the questions you are unsure of. Focus more on your strong areas and tread carefully with your weak areas. You will then be going into the exam hall with a well chalked out plan.
  5. Practice:

    It is practice and more practice that will help you achieve perfection.  Regular practice not only raises your level of speed but also enhances your accuracy level. Speed and accuracy are the success mantras as the questions attempted must be accurately answered, in order to gain a good score. Refer to as many past question papers as possible. That will give you a clear picture of what to expect in the exam. Question papers are available online at
  6. Mock Tests:

    There are tons of mock tests available online. Try to attempt as many as possible. The more you solve, the more confident you will get. The mock tests also define your strengths and weaknesses.  You will find out the sections and type of questions you are most comfortable with. This will help in estimating the time and effort you expend on each subject. TalentSprint has exam interface tests and a number of practice and mock tests leading to sure-shot success in the exam. It also helps you analyze and improve by sending personalized test reports through the virtual bot assistant, TIA. 
  7. Stay Stress-Free:

    Get enough sleep and exercise well. Take regular breaks while studying. This will help keep you relaxed. Though it may be tempting to keep studying till the last minute, you shouldn’t overload yourself with information just before the exam. Remember, you can’t study everything at the last minute. Just go through your revision notes, relax and focus on solving the question paper to the best of your ability. 
By following the tips given above you can be assured of the right preparation technique that will lead to a good score in the main exam. So, get CTET cracking with great marks in your first attempt and land that dream job in your desired school.
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