Friday, 26 August 2016

Why Engineering students lag behind during job selections?

engineering students

The employer is certainly looking for your core strengths so getting them across is of very important

It is such an irony that brains that can house solutions to so many problems, an enviable structural thinking edge, loads of knowledge and ability to develop real-world answers, are the ones that tend to struggle in figuring out what went wrong in their job hunt!

What went wrong?

You have the best domain-related skills, and quite an experience or training to back that up. You are passionate about what you do. You don’t take shortcuts at work. You chase perfection. You are going to be an asset worth all the pride for any organization that will hire you.

 And yet, you struggle when it comes to the make-or-break job selection. Friend, your brain must already know the answer. All you need is the courage to accept it.

 No matter how much knowledge you pack, it just won’t shine through unless you package it well. A live project is not what an interview chat usually involves so imagine how tough it is for the interviewer to fully appreciate what you have got.

 Gibberish is good for the coding you enjoy but not when you are trying to explain your approach during an interview.

 Also, communication skills and other soft aspects like body language, articulation, assertiveness, people-interaction, confidence, empathy, creativity etc., are way more important during job selections than you can ever imagine. Most top-notch companies today involve group discussions, assessment centres, case challenges, and long interviews to ensure that the candidate they pick is well-rounded.

 You have to get out of the nerd stereotype and deliver yourself as an individual who can shake hands with confidence, hold an interesting conversation during interviews, speak with charm, argue with fellow aspirants in a GD, and express opinions and answers without any snags..

 This is not a short-term fix to pass the interview process but something that has strong and wide implications way beyond. When you are assigned an IT responsibility that would in some way or the other, link to client interactions, having strong communication, negotiation, and interpersonal skills would be as important as knowing a particular software or programming language.

 Even if you are secluded from client-linked roles, you would still come across a team scenario where managing people or interacting with colleagues and various stakeholders would be normal parts of the job you are assigned.

 Engineering students often overlook the soft parts of a job in the flurry and passion of equipping themselves on the functional and technical side. Today’s scenario, especially with the advent of digital age, necessitates that other skills are well in place to understand and deliver to the customer in an entirely radical way.

 Hence stop denying that these gaps exist. Years of study and rigor may not have given you the chance of exploring other skills but with some guidance, effort and practice, you can definitely become the well-rounded professional that your dream company would be proud to hire and cherish. It is also observed that many Engineering students do not know the selection procedure for many companies which involves Aptitude tests, Reasoning tests, English tests and even Computer programming tests. Due to lack of preparation, students tend to perform poorly in these exams. And a few of those who do well in written tests face difficulties in the Interview stage due to lack of soft skills.

 And once you accept that these skills do not exist in you, you will be ready to be coached by professional Institutes like TalentSprint. They not only prepare you for the technical side of the exam like entrance tests but also for the interview. A thorough preparation from such Institutes will help you clear industry-recognised exams like AMCAT, eLitmus, and CoCubes. These scores are accepted by blue chip IT companies and can give an advantage over other candidates.

 This training will not only get you past a fierce group discussion stage or a panel of interviews with different personalities but would also assist you in dealing with many shades of clients and real world problems.

 Get ready to conquer the world and break the label that most people slap on Engineers in general. Being a geek can be a cool thing. It does not have to be boring or timid or odd. Try today.

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