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Top IT Companies and their Selection Procedures

selection procedure
Being prepared is half the battle won. The same applies when you are aiming for any company from the top-league in IT industry.

If you are thinking of joining Infosys, TCS, HCL, Oracle, Tech Mahindra, MindTree, Mphasis, Rolta, SAP and Microsoft etc. you are definitely looking at the top echelon of the Indian market.

Some of these hints based on industry feedback and expert assessment on the selection procedures of these companies will help you be better prepared when you apply to them.
  • Infosys:

    Let’s start with Infosys for it still retains the distinction of having the finest and the most structured selection systems in the country. The net is wide at the initial level to encourage talent from various segments and of various eligibility levels and often, from every branch of engineering. Its recruitment efforts also include written tests, campus selections, career-plus kind of programs etc. The whole process consists of detail-oriented background and general information as well as technical strengths, interviews, and attitude checks. Weaknesses that can lead to the exit door would be inadequate subject knowledge and lack of job related research, , too-much-resume-focus, and absence of career direction. You might, on the safe side, want to check your eligibility for a job spot if you have already appeared for a process in the last few months.
  • Microsoft:

    If you are working towards an entry in Microsoft, do note that the company stresses well on internship and graduation-time applications so not having years of experience won’t be a barrier here. A review based system along with career events, hackathons etc., helps the company sift the right talent for itself. They also prefer solution-oriented coding, practical testing attempts etc., during selection interviews, as some first-hand experience-led candidates suggest.
  • SAP:

    SAP focuses on specific domains as per product lines and selection procedure can span through multiple telephonic rounds to an interview concluding with a senior person meeting. SAP Labs would obviously give more weight to R&D strengths. Technical rounds can be preceded with online exams that cover reasoning and behavioural areas among other checks.
  • HCL:

    HCL’s process starts with online rounds covering aptitude, technical skills, reasoning etc., and with every short-listing, a candidate moves ahead towards the end stages. It also conducts off-campus drives for pulling in freshers.
  • Others:

    Other companies generally follow a mix of the methods mentioned so far.  TCS, for instance, can have many rounds like aptitude, HR, technical, along with an online and face-time component. Similarly, Tech Mahindra has various rounds that vary from aptitude tests, written phases, essays to HR interviews etc. Quantitative, analytical, reasoning and both verbal, as well as non-verbal skills, make a significant part of the tests. In the case of Oracle, the application form itself can be an important and intensive step.
On a general note, the specifics of a particular company’s selection procedures vary in terms of time taken, number of rounds, the level of depth and rigor, documentation, choice of online vs. real-face-time, eligibility standards and focus areas based on the overall culture, lineage and job requirements of that company.

One thing that runs common with all these companies is the entrance test (usually a written test) followed by either a group discussion or interview or both. Entrance tests are aimed at assessing your Quantitative Aptitude, Reasoning Ability, English, and Computer Programming among others. It would be helpful if you can get a score from tests like AMCAT, eLitmus or CoCubes. This needs a thorough preparation, though. Professional coaching Institutes like TalentSprint help in preparing for such exams. This kind of coaching can help crack such tests in the initial attempts, instead of going through a cycle of trial & error.

After all, it is as hard and important to them as it is for you. If you are looking for the right fitment, the corporates are also looking for a suitable resource . We wish you all the best to find the best match.

Disclaimer: Pls visit individual company’s website to get the latest information on the recruitment procedures, to supplement and modify the advice in this blog.

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