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How to break into the cut-throat IT job industry?

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The world changes every 365 days but in the IT industry things spin at a different pace altogether. A candidate has to be adequately swift and alert to adapt himself/herself as per the changing market needs. That is vital in this industry because here, everything starts and restarts with technology, a force that is changing every now and then – sometimes in a matter of just a few hours.

Gone are the days when being IT-skilled was akin to being qualified merely in Java, C+ or C++. Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud, Data Science, Natural Language Processing, Bots, Apps, DevOps etc. are no more in the realm of upcoming technologies. They are already around us. Many companies are experimenting with cutting-edge concepts at a staggering scale and with huge confidence. POCs (Proof-of-Concepts), green-field investments and early adopter projects are accelerating fresh trends into mainstream scope at a much faster and wider level in this digital age.

Merely having some IT skill just won’t suffice. To survive in the fast-shifting industry, a smart professional would have to always be two steps ahead. Having the right skills not just help you get a job super fast but also make way for attractive packages along with amazing job profiles.

Plus, when you have the hottest skill under your belt you are also seen and embraced by the top league of recruiters in the industry. That leads to projects that are new, challenging, enriching and conducive to further growth.

In fact, Gartner had revealed in a survey  that cloud computing, analytics, mobility, security etc., are going to heavily influence IT professionals' jobs and careers in 18 months starting from later half of 2016. Do take note that a lot of skill gap exists but the major ones that surfaced here were: Cloud, data, analytics, general technical skills, a lack of broad technology knowledge, strengths Vis a Vis security, legacy modernization, mobility, Internet of Things (IoT), professional effectiveness skills, critical thinking/problem-solving, business acumen/knowledge and communication skills.

It’s probably time to take a frank look at what you have got and compare them with some new areas that are opening up goldmines of opportunities and job potential. Use them to break into this competition-driven industry and carve out a space for yourself:
  • Big Data is in and is not going anywhere. Imagine that professionals with Cassandra experience alone turned out to be the second-highest earners, according to a Dice 15-16 annual salary study. Statistical Computing paradigms like R,  Data Science language Julia, Data-side innovations like Hadoop, data warehousing skills, Hive, Agile Scrum Master and DevOps are redefining the landscape in the programming, app-development and database spaces.
  • IoT, Fog Computing, SDN (Software Defined Networking) etc are bridging the valley between software and hardware at an unprecedented pace. That means, whether you are some hardware professional or a software one, you would have to adapt soon to tap these changes.
  • In cases of languages - R, Perl, Python, Ruby and agile development methods have completely upended the territory that C ruled for many decades. Same goes for the traction that Android, HTML 5, native apps, high-definition web and mobile technologies are gaining.
  • Mainframes, on-premise servers and legacy infrastructure etc., are fading at a great velocity, thus creating the need for skills that fit the new-age models around cloud, lean servers, blades, SaaS (Software as a Service), PaaS (Platform as a Service) etc.
  • The rise of analytics with compelling models will create the need for data visualization skills, data scientists and knowledge of Hadoop, Spark, Hive, Scala and Java/Python with SQL/NoSQL etc.
  • Open-source frameworks like Spark with apt programming and coding confidence are sparking a lot of interest from enterprises and this heat is trickling down into job requirements now.
  • Cloud: As per the Gartner survey, IT professionals picked out cloud as the technology carrying the potential of the single-biggest impact on their career in 2016.
  • Interestingly, growing areas like IoT are bringing back the days of electrical engineers in action - although with a new context for connected machines this time.
  • Company- specific skills are also in the hot zone so depending on their attraction and fit with one’s interests, one can evaluate Azure (Microsoft), Jira (Atlassian), Salesforce, Android (Google) as well.
Catch up with these new demand zones if you haven’t yet and grab that dream job, with the dream package, at the dream company with a smart approach.

One of the best methods to get a job with a top IT company is get a verifiable and industry-certified score like eLitmus, AMCAT or CoCubes. Preparation for such tests is tough indeed, but with professional coaching from Institutes like TalentSprint, you can get a credible score and get noticed by top notch IT companies including Multi-National Companies. If the competition is hot, do not let it aim for your throat. Run and catch up to survive.

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