Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Accelerating CTET. No brakes needed if you have a job


Eyeing a mountain is a tough goal as it is. And now imagine having to climb it with some extra weight strapped on your shoulders.

CTET or the Central Teacher Eligibility Test (CTET) can appear overwhelming and scary to job-holding aspirants who do not have the luxury of extra hours, mental bandwidth and downtime as their non-working counterparts have. Having a job is a full-time responsibility in itself. How, in the world, can then one manage to carry the weight of an enormous goal like CTET!

There’s no need to panic. In fact, to not panic is like half-the-hill climbed. No weight or height can be daunting if you have the right partners, the right strategy and a good grip on timing.

Let us spell this out a bit more. Let us confront your worst fears one by one.

1. Candidates without jobs get to take classes and coaching

But you think you cannot, because you have a job to deliver every day. Cast away those myths. Friend, we are all living in an era where we are not just surrounded but empowered by technology’s wonders. Even when you are on a lunch-break or after-hours, you can still reap the wisdom that other candidates gain during the hours when you were working.

Simple - avail some well-recommended and carefully-crafted Video Lessons and Live Classes that platforms like TalentSprint provide seamlessly. These will give you the power of catching up to speed with the right preparation and will simultaneously enable you to clarify doubts, questions and address mistakes consistently. The Live and deep interaction with instructors ensure just the right mix of depth, grip, and breadth.

They know what spots you can slip on and what spots will give you a good foothold. So just tuning into them is going to push you ahead.

2. Competition is intense. There is too much to do. I am starting from the bottom

Yes, for an exam that happens twice every year, has a wide syllabus demanding in-depth knowledge and gets lakhs of teaching aspirants appearing; the challenge is not a walk in the park. Especially, when getting through CTET is crucial for a teaching career and when the pass percentage flocks around a mere 17% on an average (for the past six years now).

This gets all the more enormous when one is appearing for the both papers at one go and hence staring at a preparation plate for at least 8 sections.

But what if you availed a sharp Prepare-at-Home platform? Something that gave you the time and coverage muscle without compromising your current job? The question is not how many you are competing with; the question is how well you are prepared to compete. So, all you have to do is join a virtual support system that guides, directs and hand-holds you all the way through.

At TalentSprint, for instance, both the quality of instructors and the material are oriented at bridging the time gap many candidates are struggling with. Through sharp teaching methods, wisely-structured sessions, interventions like Teach To and strong reference material; one gets constant and problem-oriented pillars of support.
It’s all about breaking down the mountain into one mile at a time and approaching those miles from a perspective of one’s own strengths and weaknesses. That’s precisely what seasoned instructors and sessions at TalentSprint set out to do. They address everything from fundamental concept-strengthening to insights that differ from individual to individual. If you get such partners by your side, they would be watching you and having your back even at the most rough edges.

3.  I have no time for Practice

Yet, that’s one thing that can’t be neglected when preparing for CTET. So what do you do when your day is full of deadlines and there’s little room for stretched out practice sessions?

You can always take Mock tests. That too, any time that slots well in your busy schedule. Of course for that, tests have to be devised in a way that captures a candidate’s overall readiness properly, especially on one’s hold on concepts and topics that matter. If you take mock tests from a good coaching Institute, then they help you in picking out your strong areas, your strategy’s relevance, and time-management skills and on choosing and finishing sections with utmost efficiency and impact. Mock tests become all the more powerful when they supplement analytical performance reports and adequate training for your mind before the exam.  TalentSprint’s All India CTET Mock Tests fall in that league and they happen every week for free so can be easily availed despite your busy job-schedules.

4. No matter how fast I run, I will always be late

There is no need to run any faster than you practically can. Climbing a steep goal is not about speed but stamina and timing. If you have a good platform at your side, then you can pace yourself as per your constraints and abilities.

Whether it is a video session or a chat with an instructor or a doubt being clarified about a particular weakness or topic; with good support systems all that happens when and where you are comfortable. There is no rush and no physical limitations that can hamper a candidate.

In a way, you have an advantage over regular aspirants – you can play smart and sharp. Just take a shot at the free trial program on www.talentsprint.com/ctet or check out some explanations and solutions to questions that have been asked in the test on this YouTube Channel.

This will give you a glimpse of the simple fact, that, when it comes to ascending towards a high rock, what matters is persistence and the right gear. Everything else is either a myth or mist.

Having a job is not your burden. At least, not from now on. Right?

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